It’s The Ashley Show, Therefore I’m In Charge – Everything I’ve Learned In 300 Posts

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ladies & gentlemen (Gentleman? Are there guys who read this blog?) Welcome to Post #300. 28972_10150190037150604_559840603_12687898_5675432_n(Festive occasions deserve festive attire!! Now if only I could figure out a way to throw confetti through each of your computer screens…) 

Some things that I’ve learned along the way…

I often walk away from my Weight Watchers meetings quoting things that my members have said, revelling in their wisdom and shared experiences. On Saturday one of my members said [after talking about choices she had made during the week] “It’s the ____ show and I’m in charge of my choices”. It really resonated with me because I’ve been f---ing up the Ashley show something big lately and I need to step up my game and be accountable for my choices. I have learned way too much and worked too hard to backtrack and I’m not a particularly passive person in ANYTHING that I do. After all, my motto for 2010 was "Go big or go home", so here goes nothing.

This means that May is going to be a month of me holding myself accountable to my choices with food and activity. Lindsay and I have been sending one another nightly accountability emails for the past few weeks and her support is really helping me to stay on track. On Sunday I hit the gym for BodyFlow and my first ever BodyAttack class in an effort to kick start my week with a healthy dose of exercise. I LOVED BodyAttack!! I will definitely be doing this class more often. After doing Boot Camp for the last 8 weeks, I felt confident in my ability to do a lot of the moves (including lots of push-ups on my toes!) and enjoyed the energy of the instructor and participants in the class. I will definitely be doing Attack again.

And more FIT CHICKS.

And more bellydancing.

And making good choices with food.

And being kind to myself through talking about my feelings, journaling, spending time with people I love and getting enough rest and “me time”.

These are all things I can do, and I’m excited to do them.

Here’s to post #301 and beyond!!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

STELLAR post, as always - happy 300th!! Can't wait to read at least 300 more :)

MissyRayn said...

I love that quote. And I'm so blessed to have found your blog.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 300!!!!

And yes, it's great to be accountable together -- thanks, as always, for the support!!!

Meghan (Making Love In the Kitchen) said...

"Being diagnosed with Crohn’s changed my life..." Ditto and thank goodness for that. My disease was the greatest blessing of my life, second only to my healing. I know you get it!

John said...

Congrats on the milestone! Yes you do have one male reader anyways. I usually post with my WP username but for your momentous occasion I'm using my google name.

Look forward to reading #500!

Lexington said...

Congratulations on your 300th post. Your blog is such an inspiration! Here is to 300 more!

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