Ashley Gibson photo by Ian Brown

Welcome to Dancing Through Life*, I'm Ashley.

I'm a native Torontonian who went to musical theatre college and ended up with a passion for health, wellness, and tech. I've been blogging in this space for close to ten years, plus a few years when I thought I should express my inner most feelings on my msn space. (Aren't you glad those are gone?)

In this space I love to share my thoughts on gluten free and dairy free living, fitness, mental health, grief, travel and self care.

Published at xoJane and Huffington Post.

You can find me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram - I'd love to keep hanging out with you in other corners of the internet. 

*Why Dancing Through Life?

I felt like the phrase captured my approach to life and also paid homage to the musical, Wicked. Fun fact: it's also why my username on social media is ashleydtl

Photo: Ian Brown
Make up: Megan Fraser

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