Insanity Progress Photos - Round One

Friday, August 29, 2014

I am about to finish week four of Insanity which is absolute craziness! (You can read my thoughts about weeks one, two and three) I am looking forward to be heading into 'Recovery Week' next week but am mildly terrified for month 2 of the program which is bound to be even more INSANE.

On Monday I took some progress pictures and compared them to day one and was happily surprised by the results. In just 22 days you can absolutely see some changes in my body and that was incredibly motivating for me this week while I was doing my workouts!

I am proud to have been working through this program and now it's amazing to see that hard work paying off! Not only am I seeing progress, but I'm also feeling stronger which is really cool.

I've got Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs later today and one more go at my nemesis, Plyo tomorrow and then it's time for Recovery Week. I'm motivated to work even hard to see more progress over the next few weeks and FINISH Insanity this time around!! Thanks for your sweet comments and encouragement over on Instagram and for those of you who have been commenting here. It means so much to me!!

Happy long weekend, friends!!

Insanity - My 'Why'

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I finished up week two of Insanity over the weekend and started with week three on Monday. Week three meant my second Fit Test and measurements. I'm happy to report that I saw an increase in all of the exercises in the Fit Test (woo!) and in two weeks I'm already down inches in my waist, hips, thighs and arms which is incredibly motivating!! As I finish tomorrow's workout, I will reach the furthest I've ever gone with Insanity and I'm pretty stoked to pass that mark. It hasn't been easy and the workouts have been tough, but I'm proud that I've stuck with it.

Even with all of this exciting progress and general good feelings as a result of working out regularly again, part of me keeps asking myself, why the heck am I doing this? (This usually happens right before I am going to do a workout or in the midst of Shaun T telling me to do something ridiculous)

Before starting this crazy journey, I had recently gotten to a place where I felt really good about my body. I'm happy with the way that I eat and feel comfortable with how I look and how my clothes fit. I feel good when I look in the mirror (win!) Things are looser than they have been in the last two years. A pair of jeans that didn't fit for a long time are now becoming too baggy for me to wear. The scale hasn't mattered for a long time and the nagging negative thoughts went away a long time ago. Also - Insanity it NOT EASY and it means finding the time to work out 6 days a week. So why bother?

  • It feels AMAZING to have a juicy goal and be taking measurable steps each day towards reaching it.
  • I almost always feel better after a workout than before I started. Love those feelings
  • I can feel myself getting stronger every day. Even seeing the progress over two weeks in the Fit Test was encouraging. 
  • And even for the exercises where I made small strides, I know that I'm doing them with better form than I did the first go round. 
  • I've been sleeping like a baby and find myself being extra conscious of my food choices (without obsessing over 'good' and 'bad' foods)
  • I would love to get back to my fittest and feel AWESOME there (and not be concerned about losing "the last five pounds" -- what was I thinking?!)
  • I mostly want to prove to myself that I CAN do this, FINISH it, see RESULTS and OWN it
Three weeks into this program and all of these reasons really resonate with me. I am excited to continue on this journey and keep adding reasons to the list. 

Even when it gets tough. 
Even when I feel like I 'don't have time'
Even when it's frustrating or hard. 
Even when I don't want to. 

As I said in week one, I am determined to finish Insanity this time around and my list of 'whys' are keeping me motivated to continue pushing through and reach my goal!!

dancing through life quote

What's your 'why'? What keeps you motivated to stick with working out / working towards your goals?

Love List - August

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The CNE has started in Toronto and the temperatures are getting chillier - where is August going?!? Does anyone else get those feelings that inspire you to buy new school supplies around this time of year (even if you're not going back to school?) Maybe I just love new pens and post-it notes a little too much. Other than school supplies (including a shiny new owl whiteboard) here are the things I'm loving right now:

It's wonderful to see great people doing awesome things!! My friends Alex and Kelly have opened a storefront for Bloomer's bakery at Ossington and Bloor.

Bloomer's Toronto, gluten free, veganI've been a fan of Kelly's cookies for a long time, so it's very cool to now have a place to stop and enjoy them regularly. So far the menu consists of some amazing treats which are all vegan and some gluten free. The cafe has a great vibe and it's slowly becoming one of my favourite places to sit with a tea (& treat) and get work done. A full menu is soon to follow and I couldn't be more excited to have another stellar option for gluten free vegan food in the city. Try the zucchini chocolate chip muffin. TRUST ME.

Bloomer's Toronto, vegan, gluten free

Lovebot Kickstarter
Speaking of friends doing awesome things... Almost a year ago Corbin and I went on our Lovebot adventure which led to us going to Lovebot HQ and getting to spend more time with Matthew Del Degan, the creator of the Lovebot Invasion himself! The Lovebot team has an awesome Kickstarter happening right now for the DIY Lovebot toy. The campaign has just 11 days left to reach it's goal of $30k and was chosen as a Kickstarter staff pick. Donate and get yourself a sweet DIY Lovebot!

Love invasion Toronto, Lovebot

Getting mail that isn't a bill
I received a beautiful bracelet and sweet card in the mail last week and it made my day! I had been waiting on it for awhile (getting things from the US can be a nightmare sometimes) but there's something really charming about getting things in the mail from sweet friends in a world that relies on email and texting. I'm waiting on a sweet tank that I ordered, which will probably make it into September's love list. Stay tuned!

quote, inspiration

Recipe Testing
Lindsay and I are getting ready for another year of Vegan Mofo coming up in September after last year's hummazing extravaganza. This year we're focusing on 'Foods to Fuel Your Body' and we've got some yummy things planned! I love any excuse to try some new foods out and spend more time with one of my very favourite people. It's going to be delicious and I can't wait to see what so many other amazing bloggers will be doing for the annual Vegan Month of Food!

Insanity - My First Week

Monday, August 11, 2014

As of Saturday, I have completed my first week of Insanity! This is the second furthest I have gotten in this journey and am determined to make this attempt the time that I FINISH IT!! Here's a glimpse at how the week went for me... 

Monday - Fit Test
Straightaway, the Insanity Fit Test reminded me of just how tough Insanity really is. I was sweaty. I was tired. But I was thankful that my starting numbers weren't all lower than a previous attempt (documented on my Insanity poster). I was also reminded that Power Jumps are totally ridiculous and I'm really hoping that the next 63 days are going to help me with my sad, sad pushup (which will be helpful for the Push-Up Jacks in the Fit Test. I recorded my measurements, weighed myself and took some before pictures. I will be sharing my results as the weeks go on!

Tuesday - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
This workout is my least favourite. By far. I realize that it has plyometric in the title, but wowzers is there a lot of jumping!! Also, the Insanity 'warm up' is essentially a workout in itself. I was dripping sweat by about minute 5. I had to take a nap to get through the day following this workout.

Wednesday - Cardio Power & Resistance 
Woke up feeling pretty sore and after this workout, required a hot bath AND a nap to get through the day. I somehow don't mind this workout. It's certainly not easy, but for whatever reason it's less difficult to feel motivated to finish it. I had forgotten how much Shaun T makes me giggle and how much of a BEAST Tania is!

via Buzzfeed '24 Things that Happen when you Decide to do Insanity'
Thursday - Cardio Recovery
Recovery. Thank heavens. I NEEDED this workout to a) recover and b) feel GOOD at something in Insanity. I feel like there are a ton of moves I need to modify / can only do a few (if any!!) reps / are supremely hard and a lot of the Cardio Recovery workout involves balance (thanks yoga!) + squats and lunges (thanks boot camp / personal trainers!). I found this really motivating and exactly what I needed in the middle of the week to help me push through.

Friday - Pure Cardio
I did this workout in the morning, before worky, which is new for me! I'm usually better after at least one meal, later in my day but my schedule just wasn't going to allow for that with this one. Part of getting into the routine of working out 6 out of 7 days each week is figuring out where to schedule it in. It was great to get this workout done and over with in the morning. The title of this one doesn't lie - the core of this workout is 15 cardio moves for a minute each done consecutively. So. Much. Sweat.

Saturday - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Gah, this one AGAIN?! Due to a crazy day, I didn't get to my workout until late and wanted to push stop SO MANY TIMES. I realized that I would be letting myself down if I gave up after a strong first week and persevered. It wasn't my finest workout, but I did it. And then slept like a baby.

Sunday - Rest Day

I focused mostly on my workouts this week while maintaining the way I normally eat and drinking lots of water. I want to pay more attention to my eating for week two to make sure that I'm nourishing and fueling my body while getting the most out of the program. My challenge group is keeping me incredibly motivated and it's awesome to watch the other participants' success as well! I'm excited to get back at it today with Cardio Power & Resistance and work up to next week's Fit Test. I've still got a lot of work (and 53 days) ahead of me, but this week pushed me and I'm feeling good about the results I'm determined to see!

How do you stay motivated when you're doing something new (and difficult!)?

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