8 Things I Love About Poshmark

Monday, September 9, 2019

When I got the email that Poshmark had launched in Canada I was thrilled. I had seen bloggers and folks on Instagram mention Poshmark for years, and it had popped up in the occasional search, but up until earlier this year it hadn't been available in Canada. Poshmark is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell clothing, shoes, accessories, home goods and more. The app is super easy to use and the community is a lot of fun. After using Poshmark over the last couple of months, here's what I've been loving.

My love of dresses runs deep

Great way to clear out closet

I've always enjoyed fashion, and over the years have acquired lots of great pieces in a variety of sizes. Normally when I overhaul my closet (or feel inspired by Marie Kondo) I donate a ton of items to a local thrift store, share some with friends and maybe save a few for an upcoming clothing swap. I've found that using Poshmark has inspired me to assess my closet on a more regular basis and help some of my items find new homes. Once you sell an item, Poshmark sends you an email with a shipping label, and all you need to do is print it, package up your item and drop it off at the post office or nearest mailbox - so easy! I've taken to listing a few items each week, and have started a drawer of pieces to go onto Poshmark that no longer fit or spark joy.

Thrifting without thrifting

I love the idea of thrifting and I've definitely found some great pieces over the years, but I don't always have the patience to head to a thrift shop and scour for awesome items. I've shared before that I love a good clothing swap, and that is often the way that I like to add some new thrifted pieces to my closet because it's more of a curated experience. Poshmark takes that curated experience to the next level because as a buyer it's easy to browse or search by brand, size, category or specific style. I love that I can follow some of my very favourite brands to see new listings pop up or search for whatever it is that I'm looking for. Last week I was able to find a great denim jacket in awesome condition to use for layering this fall. 

Environmental impact

The world currently consumes 80 billion pieces of clothing each year - that's up 400% from 20 years ago (source). With much of that clothing being produced in the fast fashion realm, unethically produced and created without an effort to be environmentally friendly, the fashion industry is really taking a toll on the environment. Much of this clothing is made overseas, and many workers create these clothes under poor working conditions and for very little pay. Choosing to purchase clothes second hand saves them from going to a landfill, gives the pieces a new life, and replaces your need to purchase something brand new. Poshmark has so many great pieces, many that are brand new or hardly worn - it has the potential to have a positive impact on this industry.

New markets being added

Have you ever tried to sell anything on Facebook marketplace or Kijiji? When I moved last year, I sold a few items on Facebook and it was an excellent test for my patience. While I was able to get rid of a couple things, there was definitely a lot of haggling, excuses, and flakiness - more than I care to partake in! When I was trying to sell my exercise bench, someone tried to offer a lower price because it was going to cost him $20 in gas to drive to my place. Um, what?! Poshmark has recently added some new markets, including home and back to school, making the marketplace a great place to list those items you'd like to get rid of, without that kind of hassle. Potential buyers can make offers on your items, but since you pop things in the mail, you don't have to deal with setting up a time for someone to pick up the item or worrying that they'll be a no show. Folks can make offers on the things in your closet, but there's a lot less back and forth conversation, and accepting/declining an offer is as easy as pressing a button.

Sharing is caring

When you list an item on one of these other marketplaces (like Kijiji or Facebook), nothing really happens after you've put the item up for sale. On Poshmark, there is a community of people there to help you share your items and assist in gaining visibility. These shared items show up in your feed alongside any new items being posted. There's also Posh Parties which follow a specific theme and they're another fun way to connect with the community and help your items to be seen by more people. This week one of the items from my closet got named a "host pick" which meant that it was put in a special virtual showroom for the party - it was pretty cool!

My first Poshmark Host Pick

Excellent deals

The deals on Poshmark are awesome!! I have found some awesome quality items and paid a fraction of what the items would have cost in retail. While I'm cleaning out my closet I'm trying not to add too many additional things, but I've found some super cute pieces of workout gear and an awesome denim jacket. In the app you can "like" items that really catch your eye to go back to later, and in some cases the seller may offer you a special deal including discounted shipping. Like a couple of items from one seller? You can create a bundle to potentially save even more on those items and only pay shipping once.

New to me workout pants from Poshmark

Perfect for specific pieces or special occasions

Because of the search functionality, shopping on Poshmark can be especially good if you're trying to find a specific piece for yourself or have a special occasion coming up. Know that you want a new coat for the fall? You can do a search or follow a brand you know you'd love to own. Same goes for any special occasions you have coming up where you may need something special that you'll only wear once or twice. I've seen a lot of beautiful dresses and gowns that would be perfect for a wedding or party at a much lower cost than you would spend in retail. 

Additional income

You may only want to be a shopper/buyer on Poshmark and that's totally cool, but joining as a seller means that there's potential for you to earn some additional money for clearing out your closet. Listing an item takes a few minutes (from taking some lovely photos, gathering details about the item, and then listing it in the app) So far I've made just a couple of sales on Poshmark, but it's nice to see that balance starting to add up in the app. Poshmark takes a percentage of the selling price, but the shipping is all taken care of and everything else goes back to you.

Want to check out Poshmark Canada? You can use my code ASHLEYDTL to sign up, and get $15 in Posh credit to use for your first purchase! 

This post isn't sponsored in any way, but if you use my code to sign up I'll also get $15 so it's win-win for both of us. (US friends, you'll receive $5 if you sign up using my code)

I'm so excited to keep selling and buying on Poshmark. It's really cool when you get the sale notification, and also amazing when you find the perfect piece that you've been looking for!

Have you tried Poshmark? What's been your favourite find so far?

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