2009, 58 Days and Counting

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last week I asked you to think about what you hope to accomplish before 2010 comes around. I’ve been thinking a lot about this as of late (as you might guess from all my posts on taking care of yourself, finding balance and taking risks) and I thought it would be good to write out some of my goals to take me through to 2010.

  1. Eat mindfully – I came to a realization the other night, that I have a tendency to eat out of habit. Sometimes I think I should be eating, so I’ll make a snack. Or I feel like a snack would somehow make me feel “better”, because I’ve often used food as a comfort. I want to focus on eating purposefully. While I’m proud of the way I eat and the foods I put into my body, I want to work on listening to my body’s needs. I will do this by taking the time to stop and ask myself whether I’m actually hungry or I’m eating because of boredom or another emotion. I can absolutely do this, and I think it will help me to get in touch with what I actually need in each moment.
  2. Love my body – It took me more than a year to come to terms with my new weight and body, and this year I’ve worked really hard to tone and shape. For one of the first times in my life (that I can think of) I am proud of my body. It’s so easy to focus on our flaws and be negative, but I want to keep my head up and stay positive with this. I have another belly dance recital coming up in December and I know that I’m going to feel confident and gorgeous in my cropped top and feeling that way is an incredible accomplishment.
  3. Move more - While I didn’t exercise/go to the gym as much as I had hoped last month (20 days/31 rather than the goal of 24 I had set for myself), I did do something 20 days and I think that’s great!! I hit the gym for bodyflow, zumba and a couple of runs, went to bellydancing, walked a bunch and took a lyrical class. Finding the time is much more of a challenge when I’m doing a show, but this month I hope to continue making activity a priority. I will do this by scheduling workouts, going with a buddy and making time to go to the gym in the morning at least once a week.
  4. “Stop talking yourself out of the life you want most” – Tina posted this quote on Carrots N Cake last night and truly resonated with me. On Monday I was feeling very negative, stressed and scared about the decisions and challenges that lay before me, but after talking with Joey, wonderful friends and doing The Work, I was really able to turn my negative thoughts around. I am sorry to be so cryptic, but I promise that everything will reveal itself in due time. I can honestly say that 2010 is going to be an amazing year, and thinking positively is absolutely going to help me get to where I want to be.

As you think about what it is that *you* would like to accomplish over the next two months, I encourage you to consider this quote:

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you've imagined.
Henry David Thoreau)

Whatever it is you’re working towards, be passionate about it and give it all you’ve got. Think about the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals, and get to it! Only you can stand in your own way of the fantastic life you’ve dreamed of.


Meg's Gut said...

Great goals Ashley!
I just wrote a paper about 'eating mindfully' for one of my classes, it is a great thing to do.
I love the quote 'go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you've imagined'. I recently had that is one of my posts too: http://thegutgazette.blogspot.com/2009/11/november-is-crohns-and-colitis.html
Stay positive! :)

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

You WILL accomplish your goals - good luck!!

Love Thoreau :)

bazu said...

I love that quote- I resolve not to talk (or psych) myself out of the life I want! What a great post to read first thing in the morning!

Lauren said...

Great post! Awesome goals! I know you will accomplish them. Rock on! :)

Pure2Raw Twins said...

Thanks for sharing that great quote! So true and I hope that is what I am doing with my dreams... going full force! It is scary at times though! I am sure everything will work out for you!!!

M said...

I just found your blog, Love it AND your goals! I cant believe 2009 is almost over...where does time go?

BitterSweet said...

All very, very good advice, that I think everyone could stand to take to heart more often. I would wish you luck on those goals, but I don't think you'll really need it. :)

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