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Saturday, November 21, 2009

I can't remember which day it was, but my google reader told me that I had more than 300 posts to read - yikes!! I am slowly catching up, which is so fantastic because some of my favourite blogs have had some fantastic posts up:

10 Ways to Shake Up Your Life and Feel Energized - I discovered Annabel's blog a couple weeks ago and the timing could not have been better for me! Her blog focuses on achieving the life you've always dreamed of and her posts are incredibly inspiring. I dare you to go read this post and not feel inspired. Go.

The Pill: Sex, Drugs & Mood Swings - Meghan did an awesome series this week on the effects of the birth control pill as well as a number of great alternatives. I came off the birth control pill back in May because it was making me crazy. The lovely ladies at Red Tent Sisters were instrumental in helping me to make the transition and introducing me to the Justisse method. I feel amazing and in tune with my body as a result. Check out the posts for a ton of information as well as a great giveaway.

Marni Wasserman Follows her Passion into the kitchen on CrazySexyLife - Marni is going to be teaching holistic food prep at my new school beginning in January! Looking forward to taking class with her!

Have you stopped by Katie's blog for her Operation Chocolate-Covered-Kindness Page view drive?

Remember when Kate got to goal? This week she posted before & after photos on her blog, so go check out her amazing transformation!! What a superstar. So excited to celebrate Lifetime with her in a few weeks.

I also loved this post from Andrea detailing how to get the most out of your Weight Watchers meetings - such a smart (& inspiring) cookie!

Thanks for all your positive comments on my post about positivity! I'll be thinking of all of you when Annie belts out "Tomorrow" 3 times this weekend.


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Thank you for sharing these great links!! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Rachel said...

Thanks, Ashley! I don't find as much time as I'd like to post or read blogs so I don't find new blogs very often. It's great to hear what these lovely ladies have to say :)

cocoNUTbutter said...

I wish I had the positivity you did. Positive thoughts. That is what I continue to tell myself. I just started my own blog and have sworn to myself that it will be a place of exploration and positivity only. It might be better to allow my insecurities to come through so I can open it up and gain support , but I am trying to write and think in positive and strong terms ...and hope it will form me into a positive and strong person.
I like the links and have you on blogroll.

Unknown said...

I'm so proud to know two of those amazing and inspirational women you have mentioned on your post. Ladies you know who you are :-)

Annabel Candy said...

Thanks for the mention Ashley! I'll be trying to come up with some winning headlines that sing out to you from the 300 on your reader:)

Keep up the great writing here - your blog looks lovely and your attitude matches it.

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