The stars were aligned or something….

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Because in the last 2 weeks I won, not one, but TWO giveaways!!

I enter contests online because I figure “why not!” Whenever I’m at the Carrot I always pick up the free magazines by the cash like Vitality and Tonic. The last time I was reading Tonic, I noticed that they had a contest on their website so I figured I should check it out and enter. And then, just before my vacation I got an email to say that I had won!! They said the gift bag would come by courier, so I arranged to have it delivered when I got back. I couldn’t believe it when our receptionist called me on Monday to tell me the bag had arrived and I found this at the front desk:

It was like Christmas for me. 

It was filled to the brim with natural/organic body care from companies like Vysada, Awaken my Senses (which I had just read about on Vanessa’s blog!) and Abundance Naturally, supplements from femMED, Global Botanicals,  and Zenbev, as well as things like massages (yes, plural), microderabration, a facial, eco-friendly cleaning services and a voice lesson, all in a beautiful bag that was made in India. I am still in shock. Joey and I are having way too much fun trying everything out and I’m looking forward to booking some appointments in the next few weeks for massages and other goodness!

I have to say a big thank you to Tonic Toronto for picking me! Be sure to enter their draw online because they are picking 2 winners each month. What do you have to lose?

When I thought things couldn’t get better, I found out that I had been chosen by Inspirational Works to attend Byron Katie’s workshop in October! If you are not familiar with Byron Katie, you can read more about “The Work” on her website or you can read more about her in Meghan’s 3 part interview. Thanks so much to Meghan for running the contest and to Inspirational Works for choosing me! I can’t wait to do The Work and share some of my new knowledge here on the blog and I think it will align with Weight Watchers as well!


39 To Go! said...

Wow! Congrats Ash! That's a pretty impressive prize pack! Enjoy all the awesome stuff.

Lauren said...

Ooooh I am jealous!! :) Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley...

I came across your blog after searching for some Weight Watcher blogs online. I think your success is phenomenal. I have about 50lbs to lose. I suffer from IBS-C. I am wondering if you have any advice for me or can recommend any books etc? Thanks again for any info, again your blog is fantastic, congratulations on your succes!

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

The stars were aligned for me too as we get to spend the weekend together at the workshop!

Allie said...

Congratulations Ash! Those prizes both sound amazing!


You definitely deserve all of the pampering!

Christine said...

Hey, love your cute blog, thanks for finding me :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley, we heard you won the basket and when I stopped by your blog to see your comments I noticed the mention of Crohns.
I thought you might be interested to hear from another of our happy customers and the relief she is getting from our buttermilk. It might work for you?
Best regards,
Robert Kuenzlen
Director of Marketing
Harmony Organic Dairy Products

Name: Irene
Comments: Hello,

Thank you sooooo much for the Organic Buttermilk.
I just bought 4 quarts of it last week in desperation for my severe IBS attacks. I drank 1 quart per day. I started the morning off with a large glass on an empty stomach. I slept like a baby and the very next day my cramps, bloating, severe abdominal pain, acid reflux etc., greatly subsided.

I have not had this type of IMMEDIATE results since before the late 60's after which our dairy products became such poor quality....that conventional buttermilk no longer helped me.
I have posted my results with your Organic Buttermilk & link to your site, on Earth
Healthy, natural dairy products are vital to our health. Thank you for bringing back our VITAL, NATURAL DAIRY PRODUCTS.
Keep up the GREAT WORK!

God Bless YOU!

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