WMR + Boot Camp Update - Week of June 14

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lots of yummy things this week + some great Boot Camp progress!! Let's go with food pics first:

What week is complete without my protein salad from reFresh? This salad makes me so happy time and time again.

On Tuesday we had taco night:

Lean pork with cumin and chili powder with salsa, avocado and cucumbers in a brown rice tortilla with yummy brown rice salad (with lentils instead of black beans). I loved the variety in the textures and flavors.

I made stuffed peppers in the slow cooker on Tuesday night - so yummy and pretty!

I don't have a picture of them on my plate because of the 6, I only had one and forgot to take a picture of it. Joey is a pepper monster. He can't get enough!!

I saw Elana's recipe for breakfast bars and I knew I had to try them. They were super easy to make and they turned out so well.

This is my first time using almond flour and it was lovely!! I'm looking forward to using it in more recipes and also making these bars again. They can be incorporated into a yummy breakfast and they're also a nice on-the-go snack.

Joey and I had taken the day off on Friday to head to Canada's Wonderland. We started off the morning with a tasty breakfast of blueberry pancakes (with a breakfast bar for good measure).

Okay, so they were a little "well done", but they tasted AMAZING. I didn't even need to put anything on them because the sweetness from the blueberries, agave & vanilla was perfect. Joey really liked them too.

We had a fantastic day at Wonderland. Of course I packed a lunch for us:

Wraps (not pictured - mine was cashew butter with banana and Joey's was rice, lentils, cheese, and salsa), brown rice salad, & veggies with hummus. I was really happy to have yummy food that didn't cost a billion dollars.

We went on a lot of rides, but did not brave the Bohemoth. (I'll use the excuse that the line was too long. While the line was long, dropping at an 80 some odd degree angle didn't appeal to me) I think my favourite ride was Dragon Fire - so classic!

We grabbed a quick bite in the food court on our way home. I had the 3 salad plate from Cultures.

Spinach salad, lentil salad & mango salad - what a great combo!!! It was quite satisfying and I didn't feel like I was eating "food court food".

I did two more sessions of Booty Camp this week and I have to say that it's still tough!!

It was super sunny and hot on Monday so I found myself sweating more and guzzling more water than the previous week. Our instructor is adding things on and I'm already starting to feel myself improving in some areas. I was not hurting as much on Tuesday!! I have to attribute some of this success to Polly over at Yoga is Yummy. I've been doing her Yoga for Upper Thighs video after I come home from my sessions and I have found it to be incredibly helpful.

I am really proud of myself for going to my class on Wednesday because it was definitely RAINING!! We do boot camp outside, and usually I'm a total suck about getting wet. I toughed it out and it felt incredible. About 2/3 of my class showed up and we were soggy and wet and sore when the hour was over, but I think it was a fabulous test for us and I'm really proud!

I'm also really proud that I've been doing my At-Home workout. When you register for Boot Camp you receive a DVD with a 3-level at home workout which I have done twice now. I figure I might as well try to get the most out of this experience! So far I've done the Beginner workout and it's great - lots of squats, lunges, arms, push ups and abs. I've been logging my progress in my journal and have seen improvements over just two weeks! Next week I am going to try the Intermediate session.

There are various activities to complete throughout the Booty Camp Guide and one of them is to create a Compelling Vision Board. The idea is that you create a poster to help you visualize your goal by incorporating pictures and positive words/phrasing that represent your goal and why you want to get there and how it's going to make you feel physically and emotionally. I'm going to hang mine in my closet so that I see it every morning.

It was a great activity and something that I highly recommend, especially if you're a visual person. It really helps you to see your goal and making it easier to get there because you've got your eye on the prize. Whether you are trying to lose weight, working on maintaining your weight or just trying to better yourself in any way, I really recommend having a specific, attainable, realistic, goal in mind.

Here's a quote from my board that I gave to my members this morning that I really think sums up my feelings on Booty Camp.

"I can do this and the end result will be great. Quitting is not an option"

Early this morning I signed up for another four weeks of classes, so I will be doing this for a total of 8 weeks. I am really proud of all of the activity that I've been doing lately and Boot Camp has really pushed me to step out of my comfort zone with activity and push my fitness levels to new heights. I'm really looking forward to continuing over the next 6 weeks.


Jess said...

I really want to do a bootcamp!
Have to wait till I move to Toronto:)
But you make me want to join NOW!!!

Linz said...

Your Wonderland lunch was too cute! Who would want to eat overpriced junk when you can have that??? :)

And I'm proud of you for making it through WET bootcamp. Nice work! I wouldn't have been so tough!!!

CoconutGal said...

I want your recipe for stuffed peppers (please share)!!! Those sound sooo gooood! Haven't seen ya on my bloggie in a while-- then again I haven't posted in a while! Ha! It's probably my turn to email you? I am sooo behind, have hardly been online all week, so just popping in to say hello :-) Love ya!

jessica said...

I second the stuffed peppers recipe sharing!!

I'm kinda sorta jealous that you went to Wonderland! Looks like you had fun and that cat container is adorable! Don't worry, I probably would have skipped Behemoth too, I can't even do Drop Zone!

Ashley Gibson said...

I actually linked the recipe in the post, but my link colour is similar to the text colour.


It's super easy!!

And thank you, I love my cat container!!!

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