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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here it is!

A few of you were asking for it yesterday - I love your enthusiasm!!

If you're new to my blog, each month I post a calendar for you to print off and chart your activity goals and post a sticker for each day that you exercise.

Later this week I will be posting my results for the month of June as well as the results of some of my readers! If you would like to be included in the recap, please send me a picture of your (hopefully) sticker-filled June calendar, along with a little description of what you achieved this month to wwleaderashley@gmail.com by this Friday.

And if you didn't print off last month's calendar, July is a new opportunity to get moving!!

What are your activity goals this month?


nikbis said...

Yesssssss :-)
Like you!

39 To Go! said...

I'm totally excited! I'm going to do this! :) I printed off a calendar (not yours sadly I think work would frown upon that) and I'm going to go buy stickers on my lunch break! :) *EXCITED*!!!

K8 said...

I can't upload it :( But it may because I am at work. Could you pretty please email it to me if at all possible?

Annika said...

Beautiful! I love it!

Heidi said...

I started keeping a sticker calendar a few months ago after hearing of yours and I love it. My teens think I'm nuts, but it's a great motivator. Sometimes when I feel like maybe I haven't been putting in enough effort I just glance at my calendar and it tells me whether that's true or not. Great visual cue. Thanks!

Robin said...

I love these calendars! I missed out on June so I'm going to do July for sure! Thanks Ash!

GF Gidget said...

I was just looking for a calender for my frige! Perfect timing my dear. I need to work toward little goals or the big picture goal becomes overwhelming. This will be the PERFECT planning tool! Thanks! PS- awesome belly dancing performance photos! Way to get out there and "dance like no one is watching"!

Melissa said...

Hey! Thanks so much for all your posts...I'm somewhat new to your blog - first time poster lol... I've been having a hard time getting off the couch so i'm gonna try priting off a calendar and seeing if it changes things- as a teacher i have loadssss of stickers and i love them just as much as the kindergarten kids did when i gave them some!! I'll be checking back often to read!

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