June Activity Chart

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dear mother nature,

It is June first. Why am I wearing a spring/fall jacket and a scarf? Could you please bring back the sunshine and warmer temperatures? My skirts and tank tops need some love.



Despite my frustration with the lack of warmth here in Toronto, I am happy that it is June! I'm looking forward to an exciting month, especially since I've signed up for BOOT CAMP.

Yes. Me. Boot Camp.

I am excited and nervous, but I think it will be great. It was one of my goals for the year so I'll be happy to check it off my list!! I'll be posting recaps each week as well some measurements and maybe some before and after shots. This month also marks my first public bellydance performance. With all the practicing and boot camp I think I'm bound to have a chart full of stickers at the end of the month!!

How was May for you with your activity? What are your plans for June? Are you trying anything new? Here is an activity chart to keep you on track.



Andy said...

Oh man, AGREED about the weather! Also, that's the same complany I took my boot camp through! I love love love it! Do you know who your instructor is?

GF Gidget said...

Come to Florida! You could fry an egg on the sidewalk. I can't get enough of this glorious heat. My husband says I'm solar powered! hahaha Boot Camp! My you are brave. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! ohhh bootcamp will be awesome! lol good luck with that :)

and ya its absolutely freezing here today..what is up with ontario!!! I wore my heavy jacket to work today.

P.s I am using your June activity chart on my blog under the workout log section..it's so bright. I love it :)

CoconutGal said...

Ok seriously, enough with the comments already right? (Sorry! You're going to have to like compile them into an email to answer all my questions! But I've so enjoyed reading everything)
Now this answers my boot camp question. I think it sounds fun/hard! I want to try boot camp someday but know right now I'm no where ready for that... looking forward to your updates! I would also say I agree on your insight from a few posts back about not worrying about eating a perfect diet and being fine with having meat because it doesn't make you feel sick. No person/or diet plan can tell us how it will make us feel only we know the answer. Good for you for listening!

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