My interview with New Kids on the Block

Friday, May 24, 2013

Remember when I talked about the things I'd tell my 8 year old self?

Let's add this to the list: if I could go back and tell younger me that 20 years down the road I'd be interviewing Jordan Knight and Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block, I think I would have lost my mind completely.

Ashley Gibson New Kids on the Block

And because I'm me, I told Danny and Jordan that fact. Jordan asked what I thought about it all now and I said that 29 year old me was still really flippin' excited.

Ashley Gibson @ashleydtl Twitter New Kids on the Block

And halfway through the interview they decided to follow me on Twitter. 

@jordanknight @dannywood

Danny also retweeted me, and suddenly I had a whole lot of new followers and a slew of BlockHeads (NKOTB fans) who were super stoked to read my interview. 

And Jordan nuzzled my face.

And Danny told me I had pretty eyes.

Ashley Gibson NKOTB Jordan Knight Danny Wood

I seriously giggled for days about the whole thing. 

Amid the ridiculousness, we talked about their reunion, the annual NKOTB Boat cruise (the All Access New Kids Harem on the Sea as it was referred to...) the new album, 10, their upcoming tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men and what it's like to still be doing this 20 years later with fans like me who remember the Step by Step days. It was seriously a surreal moment and I'm so thankful for the opportunity.

Head over to the ShawConnect music blog to read the full interview!

Thanks to Chris Cartwright for giving me such an awesome opportunity and Alexandra Gater for being my partner in crime and taking some sweet photos!


Julia said...

Oh my goodness Ashley you are living the dream!
This is so amazing.
10 year old me and 33 year old me are super jealous of you right now.

CoolPlaygroundMommy said...

So awesome!!! How did you land that interview???

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