Cherry Blossom Magic in High Park

Monday, May 6, 2013

The High Park cherry blossoms are out in full force once again, and yesterday my friend Luke and I braved the crowds to pay them a visit armed with Bunner's treats and other refreshments.

Luke Albert Ashley Gibson cherry blossoms

Ashley Gibson Bunner's cherry blossoms

I seriously can't believe it's taken me three years to get back to see them! They do have a short window when they're in full bloom, but they're pretty magnificent. 

cherry blossoms High Park Toronto sakura

It felt like everyone in the city of Toronto was there taking photos, sitting on blankets and basking in the glorious sunshine. We definitely weren't alone in deciding that it was the best way to spend a Sunday morning and based on my Facebook timeline and Instagram feeds, many of my friends were in agreement. 

cherry blossoms Toronto High Park sakura

Ashley Gibson cherry blossoms Toronto High Park sakura

I think this is the beginning of a pretty fantastic summer. Now I just need to stock up on some more SPF 60.

If you're in Toronto this week, take advantage of the beautiful weather and head to High Park to catch a glimpse of the cherry blossoms!

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All My Happy Endings said...

Hi angel! I'm so glad you shared these photos. Oh, how I love cherry blossoms. A leeeetle bit infatuated with them to say the least. I have Japanese calligraphy tattooed on my back and I've often considered tying it all together with some cherry blossoms. We shall see. I mean, I am 35 now with 3 kids, so spending money on unnecessary tattoos is not real high on the list of priorities, but it's a "want."

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