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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I first discovered Meghan Telpner back in 2009. I had just been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and I was seeking out others who didn't believe that medication was the only way. I came across Meghan's site, took some of her cooking classes and my life changed forever.

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Since then we've become friends, traveled to St. Lucia and back and I've been a huge cheerleader in all things Meghan related. I was immensely proud and inspired when she announced that she was writing her first book and I was honoured to be asked to be a part of the virtual book tour once UnDiet finally launched. I'm also very happy to be able to give away a copy to one of my fine readers!

It was awesome to get my hands on the book a little bit before its release. It's easy to read, very "Meghan" and a stellar lifestyle guide. The pictures are beautiful and the 40 gluten free, whole foods based recipes that have been included are delicious and easy-to-follow. I'm happy to finally have a replacement for my well-loved copy of Meghan's recipes from her classes.

Meghan Telpner UnDiet giveaway interview

The book is broken out into 10 sections, each with a different focus including the UnDiet foundations, meal prep, edible body care, kicking your cravings and of course, making love in your kitchen. Each of the sections ends with take-aways from the chapter and how they apply to the UnDiet lifestyle and each section has delicious recipes and tips. The book culminates with an 8 week transition plan to help readers put the UnDiet lifestyle into full effect! I loved reading through everything and soaked in Meghan's philosophy. It's all so familiar to me and there are so many things that I already do, but it was a super reminder.

Meghan Telpner baked falafel quinoa

I got to ask Meghan some questions about the book and life in UnDiet land. Here's what she had to say:

You've probably answered this a thousand times, but what does UnDiet mean to you? 

I won't answer this, because I have answered it a thousand times, so instead I will tell you what I want UnDiet to mean to YOU, and every single one of your readers.

UnDiet is setting you free from whatever titles and labels you have given to yourself about the way you eat, look, move, love, think, sleep and shake your booty when you're naked (if you do that). UnDiet is about breaking free from the rules we think we're meant to follow, un-cubing ourselves from the cubicle world, looking at life through a fuchsia coloured lens and doing what is the very best for our own individual health. UnDiet is about questioning the paradigms on convention, breaking rules and creating our own. At its core, UnDiet is a shiny, happy way to achieve optimal vibrant health. Shazaam!

What has the response been like to the book so far? 

Nothing short of super-powered-fantabulous! The book has been on the Globe & Mail bestseller list for six weeks now and has hit #1 on Amazon. That's awesome for me professionally, as it's great when something we work hard on succeeds- but more so, it means that people are picking up what I am putting down. They will read it, they will get it, and they will start taking on a few things to move towards health. Most of all, this leaves me completely honoured to have been chosen as part of people's journey to health.

Many different types of people are going to be picking up this book - some who are brand new to UnDiet living and others who may be very familiar with you and your approach - did you write the book with this in mind? Do you think there's something in there for everyone? 

There is absolutely something in UnDiet for everyone- including me. None of us are truly doing all we can for our health, and that's okay. UnDiet is meant to offer guidance, inspiration, a kick in the bottom if you need it, or permission to take it easy if that's what is needed. I offer achievable strategies with tips and tricks to make them happen. There is an overarching attitude of "do what you can, and come back later for the rest when you are ready." UnDiet is intended to offer freedom from the notion that the solution to our health and happiness is outside of us. When we can embrace the empowerment that comes with knowing what we need to do for ourselves to feel a little more awesome everyday, then we become responsible for both managing our own suffering, and for our own happiness. It's a practice, but could everyone benefit? Absolutely!

One of my favourite sections in the book is the "Top Ten Things You'll Learn UnDieting to Vibrant Health". What do you do to consistently remind yourself of those principles, even when they might feel a little more tough than usual? 

I pick up my book and read chapter 1. No. I don't. I have been living this way for seven years now. I know it. I get it. And I do my best to practice. After this much time, I don't always hit a homerun on my mindfulness or seeing the rainbows on storm cloud days, but I am far more aware of how events around me make me feel. I can observe my own stress. I know when I'm not eating or resting the very best that I can, and I know what I need to do to right myself up again. As I say often in the book- all we can ever do is our very best, and at any given moment, what that 'best' is will change. And the exercise for each of us then is to just be okay with wherever we're at. That is the practice.

Did writing the book remind you of any UnDiet principles that you needed to reinforce for yourself?

The actual process of writing the book reinforced ALL the principles. I was writing the book on top of my normal insane workload and teaching schedule. This meant I had to make it a priority to also show up to yoga and meditation, plan effectively to make the most of my time in the kitchen, see friends, laugh often and all those other important factors for health.

What would be your advice for someone who was about to embark on the 8 week transition plan? 

Today is the day!

What's next for you? Can we expect an UnDiet 2? 

The focus for us right now is on the uber-exciting launch of the Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert program. This is how UnDiet will become a full-on revolution where people are not just reading the book, but living it, and learning how to teach the ways of real food, simple living, and questioning what we see on our packages of cereal and shampoo.

You've come a long way since the spring of 2009, when I met you in your kitchen/loft in a cooking class of 6 people. Is this where you imagined you'd be 4 years down the road? 

At that time, I probably had some other ridiculous massively imaginative plan for my life. Something I talk about in the book is the idea of process- that the process is the outcome. Goals are good to help move us along from point A to point B, C, D through to Z, but somewhere along in the process, something unexpected and awesome may come up that invites us to let go of our initial goal and reform our thoughts around it. I always have projects, plans, and goals in place, but stay open to any excitement that may come my way. I believe with absolute confidence that the experiences and opportunities we have in our lives come to us when we are ready to receive them. I like to be at the ready!


It was awesome to hear some more about the book from Meghan and I couldn't be happier to be able to share some UnDiet love with all of you! And here is your chance to join in the UnDiet awesomeness by winning a shiny new copy of your own!

How to win:

1. Leave me a comment and tell me why UnDiet appeals to YOU!
2. Earn a bonus entry by following me and Meghan on the Twitter and leave a comment to let me know you've done so

Giveaway is open to everyone worldwide. Giveaway will close on Saturday May 25 at 11:59 EST and I will email the winner. Good luck! 

For more details about UnDiet, the Virtual Book Tour and tonnes of other recipes and shenanigans, be sure to check out Meghan's site! So proud of you lady and happy to have such a wonderful tome of healthy lifestyle goodness on my shelf.


Anonymous said...

Follow you both :)

This would be perfect for me, especially with rehabbing my knee from surgery. My tummy and I could really use a copy of this book!

Danielle @ D.Sells Seashells said...

I follow both you & Meghan on twitter :)

Danielle @ D.SellsSeashells said...

I would love to win this book because I've been perusing it at Chapters every weekend since it came out and have been dying to buy it, but I'm pinching pennies right now :)

PS: my email is daniellehalloran [at] gmail dot com

Teresa said...

I've seen you mention Meghan and her work so often, I ended up checking out her site multiple times and she seems very on par with many of the ideals I practice frequently, I'd love a copy of the book to get an in-depth look at the UnDiet, I especially have an interest in the homemade body care section!
Ps- I follow both of you on twitter!

Princess.Shilo said...

Hey, I think this book would be awesome. I've been trying to figure out my digestive and thyroid issues for years, all on my own. The medical professionals have not wanted to hear me when I tell them that gluten and dairy hurt my body and that my entire family suffers from it too. They recently took 80 cm of bowel out of my aunt because after years of basically telling her they don't know what's wrong, they found a scar tissue blockage and still don't know why. I'm terrified of ending up like her since we share similar symptoms. So, as prevention, I've been trying to go gluten and dairy free. But it would be really nice to get some insight from other people who have similar experiences. It been very challenging to navigate this alone.

Leora said...

I follow you both (of course! How could I not?!).

This book appeals to me because I've recently been on the Body Reset Diet and am on my 4th week of working out and am trying my best to do right by my body. Once I hit 30 (I won't say how many years ago that was :p) and moved in with my boyfriend I wasn't very happy with the way I looked or felt, quite honestly. I think this would really help put me on the road to being (and feeling) like my best self I can be.

Sara Best @ Eat. Breathe. Balance said...

I love all things Meghan as well and have been wanting to get my hands on a copy of UnDiet ever since I heard about it coming out!

I love Meghan's realistic, practical and - above all - positive approach to food and health. I know the book would be full of inspiration and amazing recipes!

Sara @ Eat. Breathe. Balance. said...

I also follow both you and Meghan on Twitter!

Sara @ Eat. Breathe. Balance. said...

Oh, and my email address is sarabest9 [at]

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