August's Activity Results Video

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks for your amazing and inspiring feedback on my vest post. I love hearing your stories of finding things to compare your weight loss to and seeing the difference in your bodies in pictures! I loved the visual of Kate carrying around a huge piece of 64 lb metal! And wow, Diana, congratulations on 96 lbs lost!! It's important that we give credit where credit is do and applaud ourselves for all the hard work we put into this journey!!

And I think Meghan had a good point as well, wearing clothes that fit makes a big difference. At my highest weight, I used to squeeze myself into thing and I have no idea why I did that. (The vest was a different story since it was a costume piece) I think in some ways I was in a bit of denial and did not realize that my weight had gotten up as much as it did (it was certainly a shock to step on that scale at Weight Watchers Day 1) For me, it was about getting to a point where I felt comfortable in my own skin again and I'm happy to report that I feel that way now!

Rather than just give you another post on my activity results for the month, I made video #2

Here is a picture of my activity chart:

21 stickers - hooray!
Here is Annika's:

How amazing is she??? She is WAY up north and if she can get out and be active, than those of us further south have absolutely no excuse!!

How's your September chart coming along?? Do you have anything fun planned for the long weekend?


Annika said...


I'm all smiley and warm and fuzzy after the shout out you gave me in the video!

And you have me tres intrigued regarding the hint you gave about some upcoming news...

Hugs to you, Ashley! WTG on the activity. I'm jealous of all the classes you have down there!

Jess said...

I just love you:) You are TOO cute: )
I can't wait to see you on saturday <333 love love love

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Awesome activities/progress and I LOVE that you're doing more videos!!

Have a glorious weekend, dear Ashley!!

The Crazy Woman Inside Me said...

I really enjoyed watching your video, Ashley. You’re just adorable. :-)

After reading this post I checked out your fat vest post. What a difference! I think discoveries like that are even better than the changing number on the scale.


Linz said...

WOOOOO new Bellydancing level!!!!!

Rachel said...

It's so fun to celebrate the successes! I teach elementary school, so I'm definitely into the sticker chart idea :)

LauraA said...

I love your videos, you are too cute. I'm also very intrigued about your news!!

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