Vegan MoFo 2009 & Yummy Eats This Week

Friday, September 25, 2009

3930562108_f07c8dec17_m I have joined the ranks of over 240 food loving vegan bloggers for Vegan MoFo III!

What is Vegan MoFo you ask? (from this post)
For the entire month of October, blogs from all over the free world and Alaska will be writing about vegan food and the awesome power of veganism. Vegan MoFo started in 2007, when
Isa Chandra thought it'd be a good idea to give NaNoWriMo some stiff vegan food related competition.”

I’ve been brainstorming ideas over the last few days and I think it’s going to be a great opportunity for me to post more for you guys as well as get lots of ideas from other vegan bloggers. I’m really excited! Not vegan? Have no fear - my posts will still have an Ashley-friendly-Weight-Watchers-gluten-free-Crohn’s-dancing-through-life look and feel. (I could never pretend to be something I’m not!) While they will all relate to the goodness of vegan food, the topics I’m planning will have a wide spread appeal, which I think is great since I’ll be able to spread the Vegan MoFo love across the board!

Speaking of yummy vegan eats, here are some food pics from this week:

SANY2192Leftover snobby joe’s, mexican millet, brussel sprouts and a peach

SANY2224 Incredibly delicious pad thai! This was a recipe I was testing for jae steele’s upcoming cookbook. We really really enjoyed it and I will definitely be making it again (although not any time soon because it made A LOT!)

SANY2226Another delicious recipe from the tests – curried split pea soup. You might be seeing a lot of this soup on the blog because I think I’m going to be making it all the time. As I said in my last post, soup is such an easy, inexpensive, rewarding meal to make!! ‘Tis the season to get out the big soup pot and snuggle up with someone you love and a big spoon!

This dinner had a lot of good things going for it – baked falafels with tahini sauce, sweet potato kugel


and steamed broccoli.SANY2237 This meal was totally inspired by my cooking classes and I was in serious foodie heaven. I definitely had some kugel for breakfast the next morning and have been eating baked falafels like cookies – I am not ashamed!!

SANY2229Last but not least, here I am with some All Green juice from Fresh. I need to get myself a juicer so I can make these things at home. I’ve had my eye on this little guy for awhile now. I love fresh juice and my only hesitation has been the cost and adding another appliance to our kitchen. I think it would be worth it though… We’ll see what happens!

I’m really excited for the weekend! Tonight I’m meeting up with some Weight Watchers gals for dinner, tomorrow I’ve got 3 action packed WW meetings planned and then tomorrow night I’m having a special friend over for dinner before heading to a belly dancing show! I will definitely be posting details on the blog.

Not only will next week mark the beginning of Vegan MoFo,  but there will also be a spooky new activity chart (how’s September looking?), a date with Byron Katie, and another giveaway (because this marks my 200th post!) I’m really excited about this one and hope that you will be too!!


GF Gidget said...

You are just so cute and I love it! The way you get excited and inspired by food is the best! MWAH!

jessica said...

Mmmm that curried split pea soup looks delicious! And I happen to have split peas at home! woo!

That juicer looks really neat.. I've never really looked into juicing but it does look yummy! I believe you can never have too many small appliances! On my christmas list this year: griddler, keurig coffee maker..did I mention I still live at home?? lol ;)

Lauren said...

Great eats! I am always looking for a good pad thai!

I love soup too, and I love making it! :) It's going to be on my blog a lot too now that the weather is cooler.

Have a lovely weekend!

Nicci said...

If you have a regular blender you can make a really great Green Monster. I can't afford a juicer right now, but my $30 blender works perfectly when blending everything up!

Ashley Gibson said...

awwww thanks Katrina!!! I love your blog because you love food too!!

Nicci - I have a regular blender that I use for smoothies. I would like the juicer to make pure juice from veggies and fruits

Linz said...

My September activity chart was looking great until the bronchitis hit. You can actually see when it happened - I'll be sure to send you a pic at the end of the month.

Yummm to your amazing vegan food. I love it all - and this month of blogging looks fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Unknown said...

Everything looks so good! Hey is that juicer easy to clean?? I think that is why I have not gotten one yet! Yeah Im a lazy clean-upper girl! Love to cook but hate to clean up! lol I throw everything in the dishwasher!

:) I made a sweet potato red lentil curry that you reminded me that I need to make again! Its delicious and I love to make it and freeze a batch for an easy dinner!

Emily said...

vegan mofo sounds really neat! i'm taking baby steps toward eating veggie right now, but i think it's a great idea!

L. said...

Thanks for posting great looking vegan food. I'm not a vegan, I'm vegetarian, so it's great finding new ideas!

Nachos said...

I've got a Breville Juice Fountain
(although mine's an Australian model and looks more like the juice fountain plus but with a jug attached).

It's by far the best money I've ever spent, I can't recommend it enough! I've been using it almost daily for 5 years now and it has never let me down - still runs as well as the day I got it, totally reliable... And according to friends I've recommended it to, it extracts more juice from your fruit & veg than cheaper juicers they've owned!

Buy one!! :D

Nachos said...

P.s. Cleaning it isn't an issue (obviously, I do it every morning!). It's just a whole lot of rinsing with the aid of a dish brush!

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