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Monday, March 4, 2013

February was a crazy, awesome, intense ride. The Life is Sweet project was so gratifying and kept me extremely busy amid the usual work/play. While I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day normally, this year it was a tonne of fun with a couple of really neat things happening in my world.

In early February I saw a tweet from The Grid (my favourite Toronto weekly newspaper) about a photo shoot they were having for their upcoming dating diaries issue. I inquired and decided it would be fun, so the week before V-Day, I found myself in a loft with about 50 Toronto singles mingling and getting photos taken! I ended up finding one person I knew (Karen, who I hadn't seen since we had done another photo shoot together two years before!) but had a blast meeting lots of new people who also weren't sure what to expect from the event.

Grid TO Dating Diaries

Throughout the event we were encouraged to write something that we look for in a person that we're dating... I wrote assertive. And then later had a good giggle when Karen and I took a selfie right under where someone had written "doesn't take selfies" and "doesn't have a blog". 

Looks like it just wasn't meant to be with me and whoever those people were...

The day before the issue came out I got a message from a friend who had seen the cover of the new issue and told me that I was on the cover! Lo and behold, the next day my face was all over the city

It was kind of hilarious and flattering to get all sorts of messages and texts and instagram notifications about my face popping up everywhere. 

ashley gibson toronto
Yaw finds me... 

I even got a message from an ex-boyfriend stating that he didn't realize how many Grid boxes there were in Toronto until that week. I had to laugh. 

Grid TO Dating Diaries
Shannon made me grab her a copy and then took this photo

Apparently my "move" is my laugh

I'm glad that I went to the event and it was definitely awesome to land on the cover. Also awesome? Sharing with the GTA that you're single by appearing on the cover of a dating issue and then disclosing that if you were a Muppet, you'd be Miss Piggy "because she wears dresses and squeals a lot"

And let's be honest, it was the ONLY suitable answer for me. 

More to come on my ridiculous V-Day week... 


Ruby said...

I signed up and then got nervous at the last minute and skipped the event. I loved your recap. Kind of makes me wished I went. Keep making out city look great, this town could always use another wonderful woman.

Ashley Gibson said...

Ruby - you're mega sweet <3
If you're single next year and they do the same event, I highly recommend going. It was a fun, silly, entertaining way to meet new people and laugh a lot on a Wednesday night!

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