My Favourite Bakery: Babycakes NYC

Monday, October 31, 2011

It’s no big secret that I adore Babycakes in New York City.

I didn’t get to visit for some strange reason on my first trip, but absolutely made more than one stop on my second go round.


What’s not to love about an adorable retro bakery that serves gluten free and vegan baked goods that are absolutely delicious?! Donuts and cinnamon buns and cupcakes, oh my!

I picked up the newest Babycakes cookbook when I was in New York and have been having fun making my own treats since I’ve been back. From adorable chocolate cupcakes that I may or may not have made for a boy because it was his birthday


to sweet snickerdoodles


and oatmeal cookies that my roommates went absolutely bonkers for


So far the book hasn’t steered me wrong and those around me are thrilled at the prospect of delicious baked goods!! It’s a great way to cope until my next trip to NYC.

And I still want to make donuts someday soon. I just need to find an inexpensive donut pan.

Have you been to Babycakes? Do you have any favourite baking recipes?


Becca said...

Not yet, but there's one in Orlando, so I'm definitely hoping to visit next year! I'm intrigued by the ingredients. How do they manage to make something that's vegan and hypoallergenic taste nice without it being a complete Frankenfood?

Lisa said...

I went to Babycakes on my own trip to NYC last week! It was *delicious*. A smaller space than I had imagined, but boy was it busy! Oh yes, and I'm pretty sure I made myself sick from eating so. much. sugar.! But did I mention it was awesome?

Two thumbs up :)

EvolveWithFlavor said...

That looks like some creative New York awesomeness.


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