Gluten Free Vegan Thanksgiving, No ToFurkey In Sight

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No offence to the tofurkey lovers out there, but I was never a big fan of turkey to begin with, so why would I want a faux version?


The new Feist album kept me company in the kitchen… (it’s so good!)


mmmm sweet potatoes and pecans = deliciousness


Altogether now:

orange maple tempeh
sweet potato kugel
spinach salad with fennel & cranberries
(with an oil/vinegar/mustard/agave dressing)
steamed broccoli

there was also an unpictured apple / pear crumble

Lots of yumminess courtesy of my favourite nutritionista, Meghan Telpner (who just got a book deal!! So proud of you miss!) My copies of her recipes from her classes 2 years ago are so weathered and loved, I knew I was making great choices with this menu. I shared dinner with a (very happy) roommate who was also home and mention of my menu on the twitter actually garnered me a marriage proposal. It was definitely a little bit different than your traditional Thanksgiving fare, but it was delicious, nutritious and well loved.

It was a delicious meal and I really enjoyed the beautiful weather and the extra long weekend! I’m so thankful for all the wonderful things in my life: amazing friends, family, coworkers and blog readers, the opportunity to do what I love, a great place to live and my health!!

How was your thanksgiving weekend? What are you thankful for?


x said...

Your meal looks delicious, I really like the look of the sweet potatoes w/ pecans, yum!

Mark Lopez said...

Hi Ashley,

I'm glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day and also thankful I found you. I would like more vegetarian healthy foods in my meals, and you show it so colorful, vivid, ‘delicious’, wise,... an art, that I’m making the transition joyfully— Shall We Dance? Your inspiration, enthusiasm and delivery are contagious. You are a great leader.


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