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Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Friday! What a busy week it has been! As of tomorrow I will have led 6 Weight Watchers meetings this week, went to work 3 days, rehearsal 4 times and school twice. Wow!! Happy I made it through the craziness, and looking forward to (hopefully) only one more week of work. I have to credit some of my success to the nap I took yesterday afternoon, which fuelled me through the evening!

I had my school orientation yesterday morning, which was fabulous. It was great to spend a little time getting to know some of the other students and learning about all the important policies and stuff. Everyone has such unique backgrounds (from the corporate world, fitness, nutrition, high school, stay-at-home mom) and it’s going to be amazing to grow alongside these people over the next 2 years. At work today everyone was asking me how it went and I was able to beam with pride as I told them how much I loved it! Thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday, it’s so awesome to share my excitement with all of you!

Tonight Joey & I had dinner at one of my old favourite restaurants in the Annex – Butler’s Pantry. I used to spend a lot of time at Butler’s curled up in one of the window booths learning lines or reviewing blocking when I was in musical theatre school, and going back there always brings me a sense of comfort. I think I’ve had nearly everything on the menu at one point or another. While we waited for our food, we chatted about our days and Joey played on his iPhoneSANY2961 and I finished up my reading for Monday’s class alongside a pot of delightful mint tea. SANY2962

Especially nice, because it was really cold today! Their soup of the day was a vegan vegetable soup, but I opted for something I’ve never had before: Mixed Vegetable Bhaji

Our version of the well-known Indian dish. Seasonal vegetables in a blend of spices including fresh coriander leaves, served with rice
It was very yummy, but the spice caught me by surprise!! It was a spicy flavour that caught up with me as I ate. I had half the rice, all the salad (with a bit of Butler’s yummy dressing) and about 2/3 of the bhaji. I felt satisfied and happy when I was finished. We had my favourite booth by the window and enjoyed a really nice supper together. Once again, Butler’s did not disappoint!

Off to get some Weight Watchers stuff done, maybe henna my hair and work on some music for tomorrow’s rehearsal. Busy weekend ahead! What are you doing this weekend? How are you staying warm in this chilly weather?

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GF Gidget said...

YAY for happiness!
It is rumored to snow here in FL tomorrow! EEK! I have been drinking LOTS of herbal tea.

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