Finding a Grounded Place

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Between a full time job, part time job, 2-3 shows/year, choir, Joey, friends, family, cooking, eating, sleeping, dancing, yoga, exercising and blogging, it’s a huge understatement to say that I’m a busy gal. And I’m not going to lie – it’s not always easy.

I always feel like I’m on the go, checking my calendar and figuring out where I can ‘squeeze’ in time to see Joey or friends or have a nap. Last weekend before having brunch with Lori & Joey, I had a bit of a mental breakdown because I had brunch, zumba, grocery shopping, and cooking on my to-do list before rehearsal, but realized I didn’t have enough time for everything, yet didn’t know what to cut out. There were tears before I decided that I wanted to hang out with Joey & Lori, that I needed to grab some food and make some dinner and that unfortunately my favourite classes (zumba and BodyFlow) were just not going to make the cut.

Time management has a lot to do with prioritization – what is going to be best for you in this moment? This question has been seemingly challenging for me to answer lately because I feel like I’m running around like around in circles. For example, here’s this week:

Schedule This weekend was super busy so I feel like I’ve been going non-stop since Monday October 19. As a result, there are things that are definitely slipping, like housework, laundry and Joey time. So what is right for me now??

Rehearsal ended up being cancelled tonight which has meant some extra ME TIME!! I’m hanging out with the kitties, watching So You Think You Can Dance and plan to do a little journaling before going to bed early.

On the days when I feel like it’s never going to end I’m taking time to smell the flowers and enjoy the beautiful sights of fall….SANY2491laughing with these beautiful gals who I’m spending a lot of time with as we gear up for our big show….SANY2509

and talking to Joey who tells me that it’s all going to be okay. I love that. 

I feel like my posts are following a pattern of time management, balance and taking care of yourself – but it’s a huge focus for me right now! I’m sorry if I seem like I’m repeating myself. Writing this blog is something that I do because I love to connect with all of you and reading your comments brings me down to a grounded place.


Meg's Gut said...

Ashley, I really enjoy reading the posts about balance and taking care of yourself. They are JUST as important as eating healthy and exercising.
'Me time' is crucial in a healthy lifestyle, and lots of people still haven't figured that out.
Sometimes you do just have to look at your schedule and realize what is the most important thing you have to do...which ends up cutting some things out.
Stay positive in your busy time! And don't get too stressed :)

jessica said...

HI Ash!!

I personally love blog posts that are out of the ordinary.. I think posts like this one are great.. you never know when you might learn a little trick to make your life easier or be reminded how important it is to have me time. I know if I get too busy I get really frustrated and down in the dumps. I don't care how selfish it is, but I need my Jessica time. It always feels great just doing whatever you want to do every once in awhile instead of what you think you should be doing.

ok I'm rambling.. but I hope you're well and enjoyed your night off!

thewwchick said...

I totally get where you're coming from!!!!! Oh, I can so very much relate. Blogging for me time. It's much needed time to myself. Therapy in an odd way. Weight loss / maintenance support. I like being busy. I need to be busy. However, something had to go (WW). It's like a balancing act. (Especially when children are involved.) So the question I asked myself was, "Heather, are you enjoying your time?". If the answer was "no" for anything I had to go. I refuse to spend my time in a wasted manner. I've already spent much of my life doing so.

Ashley Gibson said...

I'm so happy you could relate to where I was coming from in my this post!!! It is really important and it's so lovely to know that I'm not alone <3

LauraA said...

This is a great post...I've always wondered how you manage to do it all! I don't even have half the things on my schedule that you do and yet I've had to put blogging aside for now because I just can't find the time. I think your time management skills are impressive to say the least and I hope I can learn from them. I'm really glad you pointed out that making time for significant others and friends is important - it's just as much a part of being happy and healthy as exercise is!

Allie said...


Your posts are always so timely for me. With all the traveling I've been doing lately it's a wonder I have time to breathe. Add to that B.Ed applications, committee meetings, exercise, Greg, friends, WW etc. it's a lot.

I definitely have to start asking - What is going to be best for you in this moment?

I feel guilty when I come home from a 12 hour day and am too exhausted to hit the treadmill. In that moment sleep is best but it's hard to remember sometimes.

I'm glad you're taking care of yourself... it reminds me to do the same!

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