D is for Dairy (or Lack Thereof)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear diary dairy, vegan_goodness

It's been 7 months since we last encountered one another, and I can't say  that I miss you. Sure, we had some good times together with pizza, tacos, baked goods and smoothies but even without you in my life I am free to enjoy those things. And I do.

While it does require a bit more Nancy-Drew-like stealth on my part, I am able to avoid you in all of your forms like whey, lactose and casein. Why do you feel the need to be a part of so many things? Is the whey powder really doing anything for the flavour of the potato chips that Joey snacks on? Is your presence in powder form really adding anything to gluten free english muffins?! But I digress. I am happy to enjoy so many foods that are free of you and your pesky friends.

And please don't hold the calcium business above my head. I understand that you have calcium and although you would like me to believe that you are the best and only source of it, I can get it elsewhere. Broccoli, kale, bok choy, almonds, tofu and sesame seeds provide me with calcium every time I eat them, and they don't upset my tummy the way you used to. Almond milk now provides me with a rich, creamy addition to my cereal or tea and banana soft serve has replaced you as a delightful dessert. Life is good.

Look how much fun I’m having without you!

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners without a single drop or shred of you, dairy.

I’m glad we can be on speaking terms, but I’m also happy to say that it’s over.

Yours truly,



LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Thank goodness for PLENTY of dairy-free calcium options! :)

Kelly said...

I don't have dairy either- except ice cream (I know a little weird..probably when I get my own ice cream maker this will disappear too). I don't miss it either, but I am shocked by how much stuff it is in!

Meg's Gut said...

I remember about three years ago when I was in Paris (before my whole stomach shenanigans got really bad) eating a big white baguette smothered in brie cheese...I said to my self that I could live off this for the rest of my life. I was wrong. I'll probably never be able to eat that goodness again. Sometimes I feel sad about that fact, but really...do I want to be doubled over on the couch after it?
At first I thought living without cheese would be insanely hard, but really...it hasn't been so bad.
Who needs milk anyways?
I think only cows.

LauraA said...

Cute post. It's true, dairy hides in everything...even some "veggie cheese" slices have casein in them! I'm admittedly a cheese addict but cutting way back on it has been good for me...and sometimes, when I have some after not eating it for a long time, I find it gross (my cheese loving friends would be horrified).

Unknown said...

haha great post!!
It's crazy that there is dairy hidden in nearly everything! Good thing for ingredient lists and dairy free options! I really like your blog :)

Ali Raney said...

such a cute letter!!

Linz said...

Oh teehee! This was great - thanks for the smile!!!

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