Weekly Menu Recap - Week of March 22

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Week two of my elimination diet is coming to an end. We had some great dinners this week that turned into some awesome lunches!! I didn't get to the samosa baked potatoes (Joey and I were both out later after work and so I had some toast with edamame for dinner) and the pork chops have been put on hold until tomorrow - so I'll tell you all about the herb scalloped potatoes next week! 

Joey said he is a little tired of "mealy" things, but he enjoyed everything this week. I also think I'm going to plan our meat dishes a little better as we went a few days without meat in our dinners and the carnivore inside my darling fiance was crying a little. Stay tuned for my meal plan tomorrow!

Eat Clean Chicken with rice (Eat Clean cookbook) 

 I mentioned this recipe in my Clean Eating post.(Be sure to check out the giveaway!) It was a really simple recipe, but the spices added to the rice added lots of flavor. I also loved the addition of the edamame to the veggies. We used the leftover rice over the next couple days as it certainly yielded quite a bit.

Lemony-cashew basil pesto over brown rice pasta (ED&BV)
This is the recipe that made me want to throw away my blender! (Sidenote - sadly I did not win the Vitamix... does anyone have a spare lying around that they would like to donate to me??) Despite my blender woes, this recipe was quite delicious and made for a great lunch the next day. In the end Joey and I decided that we preferred the lemon garlic pasta that I made last week, but it was a close call. 

Marrakesh Curried Stew (reFresh)
Can you see the steam in this picture??? This was even better the next day. The flavors on the curry really melded together and it was quite delightful and hearty. The chickpeas were a nice addition and I really liked the raisins and think it would be good with some chopped apricots as well. 

Cashew Ginger Tofu (ED&BV) with asparagus & corn & edamame salad (Veganomican)
I've been afraid of tofu for awhile and this was my first time making it but we both loved it! I'm going to do a review of Eat, Drink and Be Vegan this week, but I'll tell you now that I love this cookbook! The sauce on the tofu had incredible flavor. I served it over a bit of brown rice pasta. The corn and edamame salad was a really nice side dish as well. I will definitely be making this for BBQ's this summer! And how can you go wrong with asparagus? This meal was awesome and probably our favourite this week. I am no longer afraid of tofu and I look forward to making it a part of our weekly meal plans!

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