Meal Plan - Week of March 15

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh lovely readers, I am back on track again and even ahead of schedule with my meal planning. With my show ending last weekend, I needed a day of rest so I didn't have time to grocery shop. With my test results looming I also didn't want to plan a menu that I wouldn't be able to eat. We managed to scrape by on leftovers and things that were hanging around in the freezer and pantry.
This is my first gluten-free, dairy free, sugar free menu so please give me some wiggle room as I try new recipes and figure out what works!! I have a bunch of new cookbooks to try so over the next couple weeks I'm going to be testing recipes from:

I'll be doing reviews of these cookbooks in the next few weeks and I'm also going to be doing my very first giveaway!! So keep reading...

I should also tell you about the new recipe I tried last week amid the craziness in our house - Moroccan Lentil Soup. It was very easy to make and it had great flavor. Joey liked it more than I did and he'll be enjoying it for lunch in the weeks to come because I've still got a lot left in my freezer! It's a hearty soup and lovely for lunch. Another fantastic recipe from the amazing Stephanie at a Year of Crockpotting.

Now onto next week's menu!

Monday - Thai Coconut Corn Stew (Eat Drink & Be Vegan)

Tuesday - Lemon Garlic Pasta (made with gluten free pasta) with salad (ED&BV)

Wednesday - Pork chops with squash & brown rice + Split pea soup for lunches (Eat Clean cookbook)

Thursday - Eat Clean chicken & rice (EC cookbook)

Friday - Burgers (bunless or gluten free buns for me) with sweet potato fries (EC cookbook)

Saturday - Dining Out

Check out lots of other meal plans over at $5 dinners

Does anyone have any ideas for some good gf, df, sf snacks? I've got fruit and veggies and thanks to the lovely Heather I discovered Turtle Mountain Coconut Milk "ice cream" and I'm sure I'll find some stuff this weekend in the states, but I'm just curious if anyone has any favourites? Also, what's the scoop on soy yogurt? Any good brand recommendations?


Vanessa said...

As for Soy Yogurts, the only ones that I have found in our local store is Silk's. The other's claim they are soy but also contain milk which is super frustrating. Silk is pretty good. Give it a try and they aren't to much more expensive than regular.

nellbe said...

All the best for your first gluten free etc menu plan. I am a coeliac myself. I am from Australia though so I am not sure what snacks there are available in Canada or whether they are dairy and sugar free. There are a heap of great blogs around though. Of course, you probably already know about them, here are a couple in case...

$5 Dinner Mom said...

The purely decadent is best! We are GFCFSoyFree. Be sure to check out some recipes on $5 Dinners! You don't have to go broke to be GFCF! Just base meals around potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes and you're good! Bread is overrated ;)


nellbe said...

Thanks for the comment :) I should have checked your blog rool before commenting before - sorry!

Food is ok in Australia - the only grumble I have is that it is sooo expensive. I just don't eat out anymore. It is hard to find a complete gluten free restaurant, many that offer dishes don't realise the cross contamination issues and I get sick, the risk is not worth it.

I am so envious you can just pop down to the States!!

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