Right now, in this moment you are everything you need to be

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I decided this weekend to participate in the 31 Days of Yoga Challenge over at Carrots n Cake and I have to say that this was one of the smartest things I've done in awhile. 

Yoga has always been something I've done "when I have time". In my life, that time doesn't come often and I've never made it a priority. Inspired by the challenge, I downloaded some free 20 minute classes over at yogadownload.com . They have been wonderful! So far I've done the detox class, morning flow and lunar flow. Tonight I did the lunar flow following my belly dancing class and it really reminded me that yoga is not just an exercise of the body, but also of the mind. 

A few years back when I was a member of a gym, I used to take yoga almost weekly. There were two instructors I really liked. There was one class I really enjoyed because the teacher was lovely and I always felt great physically coming out of her class. The other class I enjoyed because of the way I felt emotionally, especially during savasana. At the end of every class she would tell us "right now, in this moment, you are everything you need to be". She would repeat it a few times and more often than not I would cry (quietly and silently of course) Tonight's practice really reminded me that yoga makes me feel connected to my body and my emotions in a way that running or exercising can't. 

As human beings we are so hard on ourselves and we are constantly pushing and striving to be the best that we can be. This principle is especially applicable in our weight loss journeys. We work so hard to only see a .2 loss on the scale or even worse, a gain. Sometimes it is really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We often feel that we cannot succeed, which is not true. You are capable of so much. You have within you the power to reach your goals and do amazing things. I believe in you. I would like all of you to take a moment right now and think of all the things you've accomplished today. 

Right now, in this moment, you are everything you need to be

This moment you're in right now is a beautiful one, so enjoy it. 


♥AbbeyMaybe said...

I loved this posted on WW and I love this posted here.
I'm taking that quote and posting it everywhere I need to see it.
Thank you.

Ashley Gibson said...

I'm glad you liked it

Jellyarmsrme said...

I stumbled across your post on the Food Talk thread and saw your blog site posted. Your blog post really struck home today - thanks for sharing! (and I am so getting back to yoga!! I miss it!)

Q102Briand said...

Ash...loved this post!I need to get back into yoga, I used to really enjoyed it. I hope you are having a great weekend!

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