Intro to Bellydancing

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tonight I participated in my first belly dancing class at Hannan's and it was amazing!! Our teacher Robyn was amazing and stunning and really broke everything down for everyone in the class. She encouraged questions and had a lovely demeanor that made the class breeze by!

Our class is small (only 7 of us) which allowed us all to have individualized attention paid to us and gave us lots of room to shimmy and shake! We worked on a bunch of individual movements and Robyn showed us how/why the movement happened and then we worked on it and added to it to super fun music.

It was a moderate workout and I think the temperature of the room really helped - it felt like I was doing hot yoga! Apparently the air conditioning was on, but the only time I felt it was when I was lying on the floor during the final cool down/stretch.

I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks of this class and I'm pretty sure I'll sign up for more once this initial class is done.

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