Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In my meeting two weeks ago, I talked about "actunities". Actunities are opportunities for activity. The Weight Watchers program talks about 'Moving More', but doesn't specify what that actually means. There is no by-law that states moving more means joining a gym or taking a class, it can really just be about finding other ways to incorporate more activity into your life.

As with everything I talk to my class about, I try to practise what I preach! I've been trying to take walks at lunch, even if I don't need to go out and get anything. I've also been taking the stairs (three flights) in the morning at work instead of taking the elevator. I am proud to report I've done it every day for two weeks except for this past Monday, and that was only because I had forgotten my pass card and had no way to get in or out of the stairwell!

I challenge you to find your actunities and ramp up the amount of activity in your life!

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