Life is Sweet Month - February 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I've been waiting for this day for awhile now and I'm so excited for it to be here! This year marks the second installment of the Life is Sweet series on my blog. The series was created in conjunction with last year's sold out show, Life is Sweet Even in February as a tribute to my mom to get people talking about mental health and loss and help raise money for CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health). Last year's month of blog posts was a huge success with more than 10,000 views and many people opened up a dialogue through the blog, comments and social media.

After last year's show and month of blog posts, many people approached me about their own experiences. I heard about people's personal battles with mental illness and loss and how the series really helped them to feel less alone and how much they empathized with those who had written. These interactions really solidified how rampant mental illness is and how important it is for us to work towards getting rid of the negative stigma.

With February upon us once again, I'm thrilled to be hosting another month of blog posts for Life is Sweet month. This year's posts talk about depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicide and loss. Once again my guest writers range in age, gender and life experience. I admire their candor and bravery and look forward to continuing to open up a dialogue about these things that we don't talk about enough in our society. It was amazing to see people sharing and opening up on Tuesday for Bell Let's Talk day, but I think it's incredibly important that we keep that conversation going.

It's also wonderful to have the opportunity to further the dialogue through a remount of last year's show, this time at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. Tara and I have revamped the set list and I've reworked the script to bring together a tribute to my mom and have another chance to talk about mental health, loss and finding the sweetness in life. I can't wait to take the stage on Monday February 10th and share our story once again.

The Life is Sweet Project Toronto Ashley Gibson

I hope that you'll visit the blog this month to read the stories of my guest bloggers, share their stories through social media by using the #lifeissweet hashtag and I'd love to see another sold out house for our show on the 10th. I feel really great about what this February is going to bring.

Head over to BroadwayBabyTO for an interview Kelly and I did this week about The Life is Sweet Project and candidly talking about mental illness

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Jenn Hicks said...

This is wonderful! I look forward to your guests posts!

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