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Thursday, April 4, 2013

I posted a photo on Instagram last night and my awesome photographer friend Chris Luckhardt commented that we need to do another shoot again soon. I then found myself going through photos that we shot last June and it made me long for spring and summer.
ashley gibson photo by Chris Luckhardt  
I guess I can't really complain, it's only April 4, but a big part of me just wants to ditch the heavier coat and hat and get back to walking home a few times a week and do more frolicking in the sunshine. I'm craving asparagus and berries and cherries and fiddleheads and peaches.

ashley gibson photo by Chris Luckhardt

My birthday is around the corner and I distinctly remember there being a year where my birthday fell on Easter and there was actually a snowstorm. (please don't get any ideas Mother Nature, snow is not cool)

ashley gibson photo by Chris Luckhardt

I'm happy that it's April. It's a good month. One of the best things about this month so far has been the launch of Meghan Telpner's new book, Undiet especially after it reached #1 on the Amazon chart!! So unbelievably proud of Meghan. We're going to be doing an interview this month as part of her virtual book tour to be posted in May. Reading the book has been a good reminder to twinkle, sparkle and shine!

ashley gibson photo by Chris Luckhardt 
I'm going to be channeling spring this weekend with some popsicle making for my girlfriends, a sweet lemon cake from Bunner's, an adorable new party frock and some awesome tunes from one of my favourite Toronto bands.

What are you doing to make it feel like spring?

Dresses & green cardigan - Gap 
Yellow cardigan - Banana Republic
Necklace - Tabula Rasa

All photos by Chris Luckhardt  


Anonymous said...

I am SO ready for spring! It snowed here yesterday and I'm really bitter about it ;) I hope it comes soon!
So much fun coming up for you, I'm looking forward to your interview with Meghan, how sweet is that #1 spot?!

Ashley Gibson said...

It snowed on Monday here and I was very confused! Seemed like a not very nice April Fool's trick from Mother Nature.

The #1 spot was INCREDIBLE!! Just so proud and happy. I'm really looking forward to my interview as well! I pulled out my original book of recipes from her classes... it's nice to have some of those favourites in a proper book and not just a duotang ;)

Anonymous said...

Ready for Spring here too!! What's the font used on your page?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who torments herself with pictures of sunshine. ^_^ we can call it law of attraction but lets face it's just plain old wishful thinking lol.

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