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Monday, September 24, 2012

I was a happy happy gal on Saturday morning, as I got to be a part of the small live audience for Meghan Telpner's (very first!) live stream class to kick off the Fab Uplift Detox.

The kitchen was buzzing with excitement in the minutes leading up to the kick off, and the fabulous #fabdetox peeps were preparing themselves to watch from the comfort of their own homes with lots of twitter and facebook action. 

The show was so much fun, everything was positively DELICIOUS and Meghan was her adorable, positive, charming, fantastic self! I loved the falafel bread with kale pesto, tangerine blueberry cacao smoothie and ESPECIALLY the superfood truffles. With recipes like this, detox-ing is stupidly easy and tasty! 

Meghan emphasized that it was about choosing the superfoods that are right for you and your needs, and trying not to get overwhelmed by everything! She discussed how to amp up everyday recipes with a few superfoods here and there. I'm definitely looking forward to incorporating more superfoods and green stuff into my life this time around, and just getting back to habits that have fallen off, like dry brushing, and morning yoga and meditation. It was so great to meet some of the awesometown ladies also doing the detox and get to be a part of the big day!

As always, I left the Making Love in the Kitchen headquarters feeling super inspired and joyous.  Meghan tends to have that impact on me. I got kinda nostalgic thinking about how much meeting Meghan has changed my life, in all kinds of wonderful ways. After being diagnosed with Crohn's and learning about her story, then taking her cooking classeslending a helping hand and then finally St. Lucia, it's been a pretty amazing and very special journey. I picked up one of her brand new gorgeous creed necklaces 

A great reminder: Today is the day. Twinkle, sparkle and shine. I can't wait to wear it this week (there's a lot happening and I think it will be a great anchor!) I always like being the sparkliest me I can be, and I think doing the Fab Uplift Detox once again is going to help me feel even sparklier than usual. Hooray detox, here I come! 

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Well this has inspired me too. I love trying at new dishes in my kitchen...

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