Sorry folks, fall is coming

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yell at me all you will, but I'm a transitional season gal, and I'm a big fan of fall.
And while the last few days have been beautiful outside, the chilly air at night makes me believe that autumn is just around the corner.

And I love it.

Reasons I love fall:

fall fashion
crisp air
tea in the sunroom
cozy blankets
soup (and it's new friend, socca)

homemade socca and squash/carrot soup

more tea
that 'back to school' feeling*
coloured tights
anything pumpkin
anything cinnamon

Brilliant cinnamon bun from Bunners at the Veg Food Fair
more excuses to snuggle
curries (and other warm and cozy food)
wearing boots
leaves changing colour

However, I don't like socks. 

Unless they have owls on them. And I'm wearing my polka-dotted cons. Then they're pretty okay.

All in all, fall is still wonderful. Remind me that I said this when it actually starts to get cold. 

What do you like about the fall?

*Speaking of that back to school feeling, I've been invited to check out the Green Jobs Forum on Monday September 17 at the Metro Convention Centre. There's a list of amazing speakers and some pretty cool stuff happening. They're also running a contest for bloggers, where you can win a bike - who wouldn't like a new bike?! I'm also stoked to pick up a Live Green membership card - I seriously don't know why I didn't have one of these before. Admission is free and you can register online. If you're unable to attend, I'll be tweeting away with the #GJF12 hashtag. Looking forward to meeting some interesting new people and learning lots! 


Andy said...

Yes! I love everything on this list. See also:

- that smell when you turn the heater on for the first time
- sweater dresses
- Thanksgiving dinner
- honeycrisp apples
- homemade pie
- squash
- not sweating all the time

Ashley Gibson said...

I can't believe I forgot honey crisps!! I was talking about them on the twitter last week.
Yes squash.
Yes less sweating.
So, so good.

Megan said...

I love your list of your fall favourites! I also love love LOVE the fall for many of the same reasons you do.
I love the smell of fall, also anything pumpkin...especially the pumpkin spice tea from David's Tea. I love the big cozy sweaters and when all the family gathers for Thanksgiving! I love apple picking and making fall chutneys....I could go on and on!
Thank you for getting me excited about autumn :)

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