Holy Yum at Hogtown Vegan

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On Saturday night I had a couple of hours to kill between shows, so I invited a couple of my lovely castmates to accompany me to The Hogtown VeganDSCN0228

I had stopped by quickly about a month ago, but was dying to visit again!

DSCN0220The first time around I had the taco salad which was absolutely delicious, but this time I was looking forward to trying out the chickpea salad sandwichDSCN0221

Not a whole lot of colour going on, but this was remedied by the fact that Michelle and I had agreed to do a fry/collard greens combo


Holy yum. I looooooved the chickpea salad sandwich. The filling had lots of dill and the flatbread was spicy, soft and very pancake/dosa-like, making for a stellar combination. The fries were crispy and delish and the collard greens were fantastically garlicky. The gals loved their food too


Michelle was excited for labelled gluten free options and was really happy with the chickpea salad. The sweet potato chips were divine.

DSCN0224Stefne was all over the reuben when she saw it on the menu and said that it did not disappoint!

And of course we had to have dessert


We couldn’t decide so we shared the chocolate mousse with coconut cream and flourless chocolate cake. I think all three of us had foodgasms upon first bite and then had a deep discussion about why people seem to think they need flour or other ingredients to make baked goods delicious.

These were both heavenly.

The chocolate cake was rich, moist, chewy and delicious while the mousse wasn’t too sweet, had an amazing chocolately flavour and the coconut cream was the perfect touch.

We were in vegan foodie heaven and were sufficiently fuelled to do another show!! DSCN0227The Hogtown Vegan has great vegan comfort food. Probably not somewhere I would eat all the time, but definitely hit the spot for a big day. Great service, especially when answering questions about gluten free stuff. I totally want to recreate the chickpea salad!!


That would be me: happy, full of delicious eats and ready to head back Into the Woods. I will definitely be going back!

1 more sleep til NYC!!!


LauraA said...

OK, I am definitely eating here on my next Toronto visit! Sounds amazing!

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

What an awesome name!!

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