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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Was so happy to spend this past weekend back up at Ashley’s cottage for a quicky getaway before a week of insanity with Into the Woods opening. Here’s what happened, via photos and tweets:

  • Cottage bound!! #squeeee cottagebound
  • Packed @herbalinfusions minty syrup to make some stellar @tipicularfixin-inspired mojitos for the girls. Cocktail workshop post next week! DSCN0126
  • Niagara Falls, why is it raining? Not cool
  • I squeal when I go down waterslides #funfactfriday
  • Truestory RT @jonkane: @ashleydtl You squealing is not a rare occurrence, waterslides or no #justsayin
  • Super fun cottage afternoon/ evening. Can’t wait til tomorrow DSCN0152DSCN0145
  • Sleep in / brekkie / nap / beach / mojitos / mini golf. Holy amazing #girlsweekend DSCN0137DSCN0136DSCN0141
  • Mmmm mojitos @herbalinfusions @tipicularfixin DSCN0143
  • We’re about to watch @johnstamos in the wedding episodes of Full House season 4. Perfect cottage time. Cue squealing.Maybe crying.
  • Fireworks = all kinds of awesome DSCN0166DSCN0164
  • Ash & I are on our 4th costume… erm… outfit change of the day DSCN0193
  • Headin’ out to see a random band and drag the gals on some sketchy midway rides #cottagelife DSCN0176DSCN0175FSCN0185
  • Absolutely RT @JosephRanseth: “Nothing is worth more than this day” Goethe #BestDayEver
  • I don’t wanna come back to Toronto #pouts #sadface
  • There’s going to be a whole lot of nap action on the way back to Toronto
  • Hello Toronto

Such a fun weekend away and exactly what I needed before a big show week! Thanks to everyone who came out to Into the Woods! 

Only 2 sleeps til NYC!!

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Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Looks amazing!! Have to love summer for all the fresh food.

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