Rah Rah for Raw and the Crazy Sexy Diet

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love love love love LOVE this book


I’ve been a big fan of Kris Carr for a long time and the Crazy Sexy Life forums are an awesome place to be, so when I read about her latest book, I knew I wanted to get it.

February is usually a rough month for me, so rather than feel sad (especially since my show was ending too!), I decided it would be an amazing opportunity for some “Ashley time”. I read through the book, as well as Meghan’s 21 Days to Complete Health tutorial and with guidance from both was excited to start the 21 Day Adventure cleanse as documented in Crazy Sexy Diet. Every morning I start the day with a tall glass of water with lemon and cayenne followed by a huge glass of green juiceIMG00546-20110213-1218It’s very green


But oh-so-delicious! I feel so energetic after my green juice (which is a combination of celery, romaine, kale, cucumber, ginger and pear)

Meals include lots of (mostly) raw goodness…


huge salads (spinach, carrot, beet, broccoli with steamed tempeh & hemp seeds)SANY4992

raw soups (spinach, lime & avocado)


zucchini noodle goodness (I’m not lucky enough to have a spiralizer (yet!) , but Gena’s raw peanut noodles were awesome!! I used one of the attachments on our food processor to slice the zucchini thin, but you could use a vegetable peeler too. Topped with a bit of tempeh & sesame seeds, it was a super yummy meal!)

and trips to yummy raw restaurantsSANY4989SANY4990SANY4991

Nicole and I went to Rawlicious last week where I had the rawitch and she had the taco wrap. Both were fantastic!! I opted to have a macaroon for dessert and it was the perfect end to our meal.

Between all the incredible food I’m eating (80-90% raw), the juicing, the dry brushing, meditation, physical activity and daily affirmations, I’m feeling absolutely stellar. Today is Day 11 and we were encouraged to write a love list of 10 things we love. “Love makes us radiant. Notice the love and invite it to tea”. Here goes…

Waking up minutes (even seconds) before the alarm goes off
Wearing flowers in my hair, no matter the season
Anything pink
Eating lunch in the sunroom
Finding the perfect quote to end my meetings
Walking into my room and seeing gorgeous flowers


Getting mail that isn’t a bill or paystub
Finding amazing new songs to sing
Scoring the comfy couches on tea dates with friends
Laughing til it hurts

Okay, so that’s 11… but I’ve never claimed that playing by the rules or math were strengths of mine. I’m invigorated and excited for the rest of the 21 days, although I feel like much of it may just be incorporated into everyday life going forward. Ah-mazing.

What’s on your love list? How do you push past the February blahs?


VeganLisa said...

What a great list! I'm glad to hear you're feeling fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Girl, I JUST posed about CSD this morning! I LOVE the book!

February is such a hard month, so glad you're doing something great for yourself! I've been loving my green juices as well, but yours are WAY greener than mine! ;)

I love your list!

My love list includes...
-delicious vegan meals shared with those i love
-hot yoga classes
-baking up a storm in the kitchen
-reading books about things i love (like crazy sexy diet!)
-spending extra time at the coffee shop daydreaming
-starting every day with the intention of being happy :)


Gena said...

Hooray! So glad you're enjoying the book, and my food :)

Lindsay said...

I'm totally loving dipping my toe into the Raw thing too. My smoothie this morning is too good not to share:

1 celery stalk
1 apple
1 mini cucumber
1/2 Romaine heart
1" nub of ginger


We should trade smoothies for green juice some time: "I'll make you mine if you make me yours"! Or I'll spiralize you some zucchini!

Ashley Gibson said...

Kristen - I love your love list and the fact that you're enjoying the book too!! I agree that it's not really a "diet" book and love Kris' terminology :)

Lindsay - tradsies any day! You bring raw noodles, I will make juice. Your smoothie sounded awesome!

Lisa & Gena - I adore both of you. That is all

Lauren said...

Love that book! Great eats! You are so gorgeous! I'm envious of your skin!

Tracy Simmons said...

I just finished reading CSD and am going to post a review soon. I really enjoyed it too. It is totally not a diet book. More of an "awareness" book, about being mindful.

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