Oh How I Love The Fringe

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fringe has been dominating my life and I kinda love it. SANY4139 Breadwinner opened on Thursday and fittingly my Yogi tea reminded me of what I needed to do:SANY4150 We had a great opening and have been having a lot of fun doing the show since then. It’s been interesting to read people’s opinions of the show, but the general consensus has been that people dig it – which is amazing!!

Between hanging out with the castSANY4166 Riding my bike to and from the AnnexSANY4168 And eating yummy food to keep me fuelled SANY4185SANY4137SANY4147and cooled off from this incredible heat!SANY4177I’ve been catching some great shows (like Fairy Tale Ending, Step, and The Whores) with some of my favourite peopleSANY4175 SANY4188 This week has also made me realize how much I need a break. I’ve been a little on edge and I’ve just come to terms with the fact that I’ve been going non-stop for, oh, the last 6 months? Once Fringe is over I’ll have some more time on my hands and in August I’ll even have the month off from school and I’m really looking forward to some ME time! I want to read books, journal, drink iced tea, go to the gym, swim and spend time with friends. I can’t wait!

Until then, I’ll probably either be on stage, in an audience or having a lot of fun with friends in the beer tent! Oh how I love the Fringe!

Have you been Fringing? Any shows to recommend? Still on my list: The Killing Game, Bosco & Jones, Joe White & The Seven Divorcees and Die Roten Punkte.

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