The Day The Universe Wanted Me To Slow Down

Friday, July 16, 2010

Last week the universe sent me signs that I needed to slow down and I was happy to take them!

While absolutely amazing, Fringe was incredibly busy and hectic. I spent a lot of time seeing other shows (11 in fact!) and spent a lot of time with old (and new) friends at the beer tent. In the midst of all this I was still going to work and school and trying to eat, sleep and breathe!

On Wednesday I headed up to school to start my new class, Sports & Fitness nutrition. I had just finished an assignment for our previous class and was looking forward to starting something fresh for the summer. I arrived in class right at 10 and there was no teacher in sight. 5 minutes went by and still nothing. 10:10, 10:15 passed and we all started to get a little anxious. Someone finally went to speak with our administrator and a phone call to our teacher revealed he had gotten the dates for our class wrong! There were a lot of groans in the class, but I was happy to take advantage of the beautiful, sunny, day!!

So I did. With a picnic in the park with the lovely Ashley. SANY4190Super fresh salad with spinach, romaine, avocado, green beans, cucumber, red pepper, sunflower seeds and marinated tofu cubes (tamari & apple cider vinegar) topped with flax oil and balsamic. SANY4191 We followed the salad with some amazing watermelon, raspberries, strawberries & blueberries.

It was a gorgeous day and Ashley and I had a lot of fun laughing and eating and taking advantage of the sunshine!

Later in the day I was supposed to work, but that ended up getting cancelled too. Once again, I was angry or upset, just happy to enjoy the day! I checked out the Farmer’s Market at Queen’s Quay and picked up some amazing rainbow chard and summer squashes which I turned into a stir fry  SANY4193 Simple sautéed summer squash and rainbow chard with millet and tempeh. Once fuelled I headed back to Fringe madness where I spent time with some amazing people including another lovely Ashley. SANY4175 Now some people would have been frustrated that everything had been cancelled in their day – not me!! I took the hint from the universe and I loved having the opportunity to see some beautiful friends, eat delightful food and take advantage of a free day!

Have you had any free time to frolick in the sunshine? Have you found anything delightful at a farmer’s market this season?

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Pure2raw twins said...

Love how your turned your day around! So cool how the universe gives us signs, we just have to listen!

Have a great weekend!

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