Sunny St. Patrick’s Day With Kate, Kale and Cruda Cafe

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I can hardly believe that yesterday was March 17 as the weather in Toronto was absolutely glorious!!

Started off my day with some banana soft serve and fruitSANY3253 I honestly felt like I was eating ice cream for breakfast and I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it!! It was so smooth and creamy and the perfect way to start my day. We have a new roommate here at the houseSANY3247 Miss Iris!! I’m delighted that she is with me and having fun watching her get settled into her new digs. Other roommates are less excited…SANY3254 Judas was camped outside my door for most of the day, waiting for an opportunity to greet the new inhabitant. He was unsuccessful, but something tells me this won’t be the last I see of him trying to sneak a peek. We’re trying to avoid World War 3 by introducing them to one another slowly…

I decided that it would be brilliant to spend the morning at St. Lawrence Market as I had not been in quite some time. I had mentioned this idea to Kate when I ran into her on the streetcar on Tuesday and she said she had been thinking the same thing, so off we went!SANY3257 SANY3259Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market has been around for more than 200 years and has been heralded as one of the 25 best food markets by Food and Wine magazine. There are a wide variety of vendors selling produce, meats, cheeses, housewares, and pretty much anything you can imagine. SANY3260I scored some great produce including organic purple kale, purple carrots, bok choy, asparagus and blood oranges but there were three other things at the market that made me ULTRA excited…SANY3266 Gluten free grains in bulk at Rube’s! I had just been talking to one of my roommates about teff the other day and was so excited to find it alongside amaranth and other goodies at the market. I grabbed teff and amaranth as well as some millet and sorghum flour. The booth also had amaranth, chickpea and quinoa flours (all well-priced)  plus a variety of lentils, beans and rice noodles so I know I will be going back there again!

Second piece of excitement… SANY3268Fresh organic sprouts from Uncle George’s Sprouts. I opted for the sunflower sprouts and can’t wait to add them to my salads this week and enjoy the delicious-sprouty-goodness. SANY3279 Last but not least… SANY3277 Cruda Cafe is a raw vegan cafe located in the basement of the North building nestled in amongst the stalls of meat and cheese. SANY3269 I was so excited to try Cruda’s menu of raw delights. After some deliberation I opted for one of the wraps, filled with a pesto and tonnes of colourful veggies and sprouts. SANY3276 It was delicious!! The wrap was flavourful without being overpowering and the pesto was a wonderful compliment to the beets, avocado, carrot, greens and sprouts. There were many other options on the menu that sounded delightful as well as a variety of vegan and/or raw truffles, pies and cupcakes. I hope it does well in the Market as I look forward to going back again. SANY3278Kate and I declared our market visit a success. I definitely need to visit more often! I celebrated with a delicious stir fry of some of the veggies I had procured. SANY3281Kale, asparagus, bok choy and tofu with green onions, garlic, ginger, tamari & apple cider vinegar (in Drew’s coveted bowl that I kinda want to steal…) Other than the green-hued sweater I wore, it was the closest I got to sharing in the St. Patrick’s day festivities as I ventured!

How was your St. Patrick’s Day?


Unknown said...

aww cute pics of the both of you. looks like you had a wonderful day :-)

GF Gidget said...

I wore green, ate sunflower sprouts too, and had random people talk to me in an Irish dialect simply because I'm a redhead. = Success!

Nelly said...

i'm very new to your blog...and excited to find someone that lives in the's nice to read local blogs!

st. lawrence market rules...i wish i went more often though!

and i have to say when the sun shines the city of toronto beams (so do the people that live and work here)!!!! i love it...


Anonymous said...

I love Cruda Cafe! I have only stopped there for dessert and juice, but now I think I need to grab some real eats, too =D


LauraA said...

Great kitty pictures! Can we go to the market next time I visit?? It looks awesome!

Lauren said...

I just found your blog and I'm so excited to see that you live in Toronto, like me!
I love St. Lawrence market. I haven't been in a while though, looks like you had a great time.
I'm excited to read more from you...your blog is so pretty and well written

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