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Monday, February 8, 2010


I’ve spent pieces of the week cleaning, packing and purging my material possessions in anticipation of my move on March 1. While I’m sad that this is happening, I’m looking forward to having a space of my own and moving forward in this journey of healing.

I started to unpack a box that has remained essentially untouched for a couple of years. It was filled with random books, cards, photos and other items of sentimental value. While I don’t believe that our materials possessions make us in any way, I do love having these items to be able to reflect on my past. SANY3034SANY3035SANY3036 My baby book, complete with letter that my mom wrote to me in 1996 saying how proud she was of me and how blessed she felt to be a mother. I feel so blessed to have that little piece of her thoughts on paper. SANY3030I’ve always had an affinity for cats and when I was six years old I wrote about the adventures of my cat, Brew. SANY3031SANY3032SANY3033 I liked cats, bright colours and pink, even back then. I found a deck of tarot cards my mum gave me when I was about 13.SANY3046I was surprised to find all 78 cards still in (or around) the box. I feel like tarot is something I may need to start exploring again. I found of whole lot of show memorabilia like cards, programs, a scrapbook, SANY3041  pictures, (from The Rink)DSC_0011 DSC_0085DSC_0200  and my slipper from when I played Cinderella in Into the Woods. SANY3045 When I move, I think I’m going to put a bunch of my show pictures into frames and hang them alongside some of my favourite posters and props.

I also found a bunch of items from my Weight Watchers journey including my original weigh in book, maintenance coupons and 25 lb ribbon. SANY3048 In a time when I’m feeling nostalgic and looking back at the last few years, finding these treasures from my history brings back a lot of great memories. I also find it interesting that I can connect many of the items to this time of year as well as link them to many people who are still in my life or whom I wish to reconnect with.These pieces give me comfort and a sense of familiarity as I watch everything change around me.



GF Gidget said...

I am praying for you on your journey. *long distance hug*

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

great post girl! :) I love those memory days. It's amazing the little things we forget sometimes!


Tricia said...

Such lovely memories, thanks for sharing!

Cananada said...

Thank you for sharing this ♥

Duddes02 said...

Everytime I move or clean out old files-I find at least 2 WW booklets!

Good luck with the move.

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

My mom is forever nattering (yes... it's nattering) at me to come over to her house and go through my boxes of stuff she has been storing for me since I moved out 10 years ago. Her argument is that I don't even know what's in there, am not missing it therefore, there is no need to have it.

My argument... sometimes it's nice to be reminded.

Catherine said...

Oh my goodness, your post brought tears to my eyes. That was beautiful, touching, and funny. (Your Brew story was so cute!) It's wonderful you have those pictures, notes, etc. to remind you of your past. Thank you for sharing!

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