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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I had some good eats last week...

I didn't post a recap or a menu this weekend because I felt like I was falling into a rut with my blog. I want to keep things interesting for you guys as readers, as well as me as the writer! 

Earlier this week I was feeling a bit down and out. I was feeling tired and frustrated with this elimination diet, feeling angry with myself for some of the choices I had been making and feeling crummy about my body as a result. 

I've got four weeks left of hardcore elimination diet and I'm going to make them count. I started a new notebook to use as my tracker two weeks ago and I've been tracking diligently even if I've been over my Points. I'm making better choices and trying to snack less (especially at night!) And to make sure I feel better about my body I've been doing something about it, rather than wallowing in my bad body feelings with snacks. On Sunday I went to a dance class. Last night Joey and I went for a run and tonight I did another dance class. I've also done quite a bit of walking. I'm feeling a lot more positive and in control of the situation. 

I know I can make it through these last four weeks of my elimination diet and I'm looking forward to bringing things back. I'm not even missing the big things like gluten or dairy - it's things like tomatoes and fruit. I think the gluten and dairy are out for good and that's okay with me. I've been feeling really great physically as a result of the elimination diet and that is going to continue to motivate me. 

Now for some of this week's food...

Last night we had gluten free pasta with roasted garlic & red peppers with kale & arugula pesto. I think I like the basil pesto better and Joey was missing the Parmesan cheese from our old store bought pesto brand. 

Tonight I had a modified version of the asparagus stir fry I enjoyed a couple of weeks ago, with a bit of rice and beet salad. It was very yummy! I'm still not sure how I feel about beets, but I'm happy I gave them a go. 

I'm looking forward to enjoying more activity this week and some more yummy food. I'm going to keep my chin up and keep a positive attitude because I know I am capable of making the changes that I'm looking for. 


JocelynMarie said...

Hey! Wow the food pics look yummy!
What is the elimination diet all about.. I can understand dairy and all that..but why fruit?

Ashley Gibson said...

I left you a response on the 20's board, but you can also read more details about the reasons behind the elimination diet in this post:

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