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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

There's some exciting stuff brewing here on the blog - I'm so thrilled!!! You'll have to stay tuned...

A couple of things that I need your feedback on:
  1. Do you prefer the name "dancing through life" or "Maintenance with Ashley" for the blog? Originally it was called Ashley's Staying Active & Maintenance blog, but I felt that was a bit too wordy and I didn't really think that it encompassed everything that the blog is now about. Is it confusing that the URL doesn't match the title? Thoughts?
  2. Are there any questions that you're curious for me to answer relating to Weight Watchers, weight loss, Crohn's, my lifestyle or journey or anything else? I'm thinking of compiling a FAQ section, but I need to know what you wanna know! So please feel free to post your questions here or send me an email at wwleaderashley@gmail.com
  3. Is there anything missing on my blog? Anything you would like to see more or less of?

If you could leave me a comment (or send me an email) with your feedback and questions I would be so grateful!!

AND don't forget that my giveaway closes tomorrow at 5pm EST!

Hope you're having an AMAZING Wednesday!


Laura said...

I like "dancing through life". It reminds me of the song from the muscial Wicked.

39 To Go! said...

I like the title dancing through life. :) It was easier to google search your blog for times when I wasn't at my home computer (where your blog is bookmarked) when the title and the url matched but that's a pretty minor issue! I like the title. It has positivity jumping right out of it. :)

I'm not sure what I'd like to see more of in your blog. It's pretty great as is. I really like it (especially lately now that you've been encompassing your food sensitivities and how you deal with them). I check it frequently and always get kind of excited when there's a new post. :)

K8 said...

Well I obviously think that your blog is great-- since I stole from you and posted in on the boards... I like both titles.... And it's not confusing that the title and url don't match!

Georgiana said...

Your blog is amazing! I just discover it and I am looking forward to reading it all! I wish I have more time to read...I have never enough time for reading, unfortunately!
I like dancing through life more! I think this name is more suitable for your website (and the URL is not confusing - nobody looks at it anyway - usually people bookmark or subscribe to their favorite blogs)!
I do not have any questions or suggestions yet, but I am looking forward for new posts!!!

Heidi said...

Guess I'm the oddball out ... I like "Maintenance with Ashley".

I love your posts where you discuss meeting topics, or like today when you discussed the things you got out of going to meetings. I only attend once a month, but if we had more leaders like you (or Lindsay) out in BC I'd go more often.

nikbis said...

Hi Ash! I LOVED your April calendar because I could write on it how many steps and minutes of activity I'd taken during the day.

And, I might be behind in my reading, but I'm always wondering how you've reconciled your current weight with your state of mind. How did you finally come to terms with your new body vs. your former one?

Also, do you eat Cheetos? ;-)

xo love the title :)

Kari@Onederland said...

I love "dancing through life" and I don't think it really matters about the url. As for questions or what I'd like to see more of, I'd have to get back to you..crappy morning = distractive mind not being able to focus on thoughts. lol.

Ashley Gibson said...

Thank you so much for your feedback guys - keep it comin'!! I really do appreciate it.

Nikki - great question! I will be sure to answer that one soon. As for the Cheetos, that's a no :)

Unknown said...

I love 'dancing through life' too!

I think my favourite blog posts are when you expand upon meeting topics, and talk about how they are relevant to you that week.

Seeing how you (as a real life, busy person) handle maintaining on WW is really inspiring and helpful!

I also love the activity charts - so motivating!

I'd love to know more about the nutrition stuff you're learning as you're exploring different ways of eating to make your body happy.

No complaints on my side, at all. Love every post! (And the pictures of your meals always make me hungry).

nikbis said...

Ash - I forgot to tell you (well I kind of did in my previous cheetos resoinse, but not to what extent :)!!!

Here's what I wanted to tell you - Your April calendar inspired me to get active. I haven't used a calendar this month, because in April I tracked my activity with stickers and it just got me in the habit of WANTING to exercise :-)

This month, its been so easy for me to exercise, because I'm in the habit of doing it.

THANK YOU!!!!! You rock!

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