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Monday, May 18, 2009

I was so excited when my friend Laura mentioned that she was going to be coming to Toronto in May. Laura is one of my oldest friends. We met when my family moved to Belleville, Ontario in 1995. We were in the only grade six class in the school and Laura was the sweetest girl in the class! We kept in touch through letters, then emails and then facebook after I moved back to Toronto (the following year) I am so happy that we've remained friends and it was so nice to finally see her again! We realized that it had been five years since the last time - which is way too long!

Laura is a vegetarian and had asked for some suggestions when we decided to go for brunch. I immediately thought of Live! I thought it would be a good fit for her, something new for her to try and selfishly, I really wanted to try their brunch!! Laura and her friend Kristy decided they were feeling adventurous, so off to Live we went! (It seems I just missed Angela there by a few hours!)

The gals loved the fun decor and we chose a lovely seat by the window.  The Live brunch menu featured a ton of yummy sounding raw and cooked selections. I started off with a shot of peach-aloe vera.
Aloe vera is said to help aid in digestion and helps inflammation as well. It was tangy and a little bit tart, but I liked it! 

The girls had a bit of trouble deciding on just one thing - that is always a good sign. Kristy opted for the (cooked) banana french toast and Laura had the (raw) banana split. Both dishes looked amazing when they came out!

I decided to have the raw walnut crepes:

They were delightful!! They had the texture of a crepe with an amazing filling that was a little bit sweet with cashew cream that brought everything together. The home fries had a nice spiciness to them and overall I really enjoyed this meal. 

Laura reads my blog and said that she had realized what a change I had made in my eating when she had saw my post about Live and the amazing cashew sour cream. She said that I was the gal who used to get extra REGULAR sour cream on my fries when we went to New York Fries. Oh how things have changed!! With choices like that (on a regular basis) it's really no wonder I had 33 lbs to lose...

Since I was there already, I decided to pick up some more raw goodies:

I opted for more of the cinnamon raisin bagels & some walnut cookies - yum!! I really need to get a dehydrator so that I can start making goodies like this on my own...

It was so nice to see Laura (and Kristy!) and catch up in person. 

We vowed that it would not be five years until the next time we see one another (it's on the blog now Laura, so that means it must be true!) I'm going to make an effort to get up to Ottawa at some point to visit which would be great! I'm so happy that they both enjoyed their time in Toronto as well as their meal at Live. I can't wait to find another reason to go again... 


Kelly said...

That places looks delicious. I need to move to Toronto!

Anonymous said...

I've never been... how's that for a reason? ;)

Anonymous said...

oh man I read about this place on Angela's looks amazing! mmm the banana split raw sounds to die for!!! And good choices on the raw food products ;) I order lots of stuff from ... it can be pricy so i definitly think investing in some stuff to make it all myself would be handy!

p.s you look beautiful...this might be random but I really like your hair color :)

Ashley Gibson said...

Thanks Jocelyn!! I went red late last year and I'm really loving this colour!

This was my second time there (first time was my birthday) and I really loved it! I have checked out One Lucky Duck but haven't ordered anything there. I picked up some stuff at the Total Health Show in April from various vendors and I'm learning how to make stuff on my own!

Meghan - sounds like a plan!

GF Gidget said...

I want to visit to Toronto just to go to Live! And I agree, a dehydrator is on my Christmas list!

CoconutGal said...

Wow, just catching up on your last few posts, very fun!! I liked your guest post too :)
I wish I lived close by, I would so love to meet you, I think we would have so much to chat about!!
Glad you had fun and yummy food to go with!

luckeelady said...

I bet the peach aloe would be good. A friend of mine gave me a gallon jug of aloe vera juice because she said that it helped with digestion and with her belly cramps. I too have IBS and the little time I used it, it really did help. It just tasted so bad by itself and you could even taste it when you mixed it with other juices...

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