Recipe Recap - Week of January 11

Friday, January 16, 2009

Now that I'm posting my weekly menu, I thought it would be good form to let you know about the recipes that are new and how they worked out for me. There's a few factors that I'll take into consideration:
  • Was the recipe comprehensive and easy to assemble?
  • Did I like it?
  • Did Joey like it?
  • Was it good when reheated?
Chicken Cacciatore - This was a very simple recipe to make and the ingredients were easily found. I didn't cut up the chicken but instead placed them in the slow cooker whole. It tasted wonderful. Joey enjoyed his for dinner over some egg noodles, while I opted for tofu shirataki noodles. We both loved the sauce and the chicken was very moist and just fell apart. We enjoyed it for lunch the next day with some crumbled WW Pretzel Thins. A definite hit.

Taco Soup - We both really enjoyed this recipe. It reminded me of a taco-inspired chili. The only item that I didn't include was the ranch seasoning as I couldn't find it. It makes many servings and it's a wonderful hearty meal, especially in this cold weather. Great with some low fat sour cream and shredded cheese or bread.

Slow Cooker Polynesian Chicken - I didn't get to make this as we decided to take advantage of my later call to rehearsal. We had chicken souvlaki with Greek salad instead. I will make this soon.

Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup - Joey liked this and I didn't. I expected more of a creamy black bean soup and this didn't do it for me. Joey liked all the components, but said that he prefers a tomato based soup or a creamy soup. I am on the hunt for a creamy black bean soup. Please post if you have such a recipe. I will let Joey finish this batch off.

Crockpot Salsa Chicken - I took the chicken out of the freezer for this tonight. I will let you know how it goes! Seems simple and I'm sure it will be yummy.

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