New Year Book Review - Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! I'm happy to be writing my first post for 2009!

I had a very low key New Year's Eve. I took a walk with Joey and after lunch we ended up at one of my favourite stores in the city - BMV at Bloor and Spadina. If you've never been to this store - please go! It's a huge used bookstore with a wide selection of books, dvds, comics, cds all at fantastic prices. I rarely walk out of there empty handed. I often find books that are nearly new that I've been holding at a new bookstore or checking out on Amazon. Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health... and Don't Forget the Chocolate is no exception. I've nearly bought this book at least twice at Book City so I'm very excited to have found it at BMV for $11.99!

Since I had no major plans last night, I curled up on the couch next to Joey and the cats while watching the various NYE countdowns and simply devoured this book. I find food and nutrition so interesting and I loved all that I can learn from this incredibly well written book. The book goes through various food groups and talks about the benefits of each. It aligns extremely well with the Weight Watchers Good Health Guidelines and all throughout the night I kept reading quotes from various sections about studies done in the world to Joey because I found them so interesting. In the back there are a lot of recipes that encorporate Liz Pearson's nutritional know-how with Mairlyn Smith culinary expertise.

The book is filled with lists including tips for healthy eating in a hectic world, tips for eating out, info on sodium and fats as well as what to look for in a nutritional information label. I love how much information is doled out in an easy to read format with humor strewn in for good mix. The recipes look to be simple and quick and include nutritional information for easy Points calculations.

I know that I'm going to continue to read and reference this book in the future and I look forward to trying out a lot of the recipes!


Mary said...

One of the authors of this cookbook (Mairlyn Smith)is a friend of Anne's. She is thrilled that we both rave about the book to anyone who will listen.

Q102Briand said...

Happy New Year Ash! Thanks for the tip on the book , I am going to check it out :-)

Ashley Gibson said...

OMG - I made the broccoli cheddar soup tonight and it was amazing! Joey even proclaimed "This is my favourite soup that you make"

Really easy to make, tonnes of broccoli and incredibly tasty. I'm so excited to try more recipes!

Ashley Gibson said...

Here's a link to the recipe for the broccoli cheddar soup:

Makes 4 1.5 cup servings
190 cals
2 g fat
4 g fiber

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