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Friday, May 30, 2008

Like many girls my age, I loved the Spice Girls and I'm proud to say that I attended their Reunion tour earlier this year. Ginger Spice was always my favourite, probably because as a grade 8 student I too had red hair (dyed), big boobs and a loud personality. I followed her career beyond her tenure with the Spice Girls, purchasing both of her books (If Only and Geri: Just for the Record) as well as a few of her Cd's from her solo career. With this minor obsession well underway it seemed like a no-brainer to purchase her yoga DVDs.
Geri Yoga and Geribody Yoga are both great yoga DVDs. Geri works with Kay Appleton to provide yoga students with a practice for all levels and stages. Geri provides students with more advanced options and Katy gives the students opportunities to modify the poses to suit their ability. Geri's candid comments about her yoga practice make me laugh out loud while Katy is a lovely, thorough and calm instructor. I find both DVDs useful in my practice, although at times I find them a little bit slow with Katy providing a lot of explanation at the beginning. The pace gets better as you go through the DVD and after awhile you can use the DVD as a guide and continue with your own practice.
Overall I really like this DVD, as a fan of both yoga and Geri!

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