Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease

Friday, May 30, 2008

Not going to lie, I bought these DVDs because they were on sale! I had cancelled my gym membership and was looking for fun DVDs to work out with at home. Carmen Electra has an amazing body and so I figured it would give me something to aspire to!

The Aerobic Striptease DVDs are actually really fun, and Carmen is super cute and knowledgable as the instructor. She's confident, motivating and gives you cute tips for making the routines more sexy. I found Volume 1 very similar to a dance class. There's a dancer's warm up and then a short routine. Carmen breaks everything down into sections and you add on as you go. By the end you've put together a whole routine and to keep things interesting, the DVD also has a feature that allows you to change the music.

Volume 2 is probably my favourite. Carmen brings in Fitness expert and personal trainer Michael Carson to help you get 'Fit to Strip'. The routines work your hips, abs and butt and definitely make you sweat! Michael is a great instructor and I feel like I've had an amazing workout after I do this one. You can customize the routine so you do the whole thing, target specific areas, or work out for a specific length of time.

I recently picked up Volume 4 & 5 - The Lap Dance and Hip Hop. I haven't tried the Lap Dance yet, but hip hop is fun. You feel like doing a dance class, in your house! Again Carmen breaks down the routine into sections and by the end you're doing a whole dance.

I also have In the Bedroom and Vegas Strip. In the Bedroom is great because just as the title suggests, you can do the whole thing in your bedroom! This makes it great for working out in small spaces. Vegas Strip is another routine, broken down into sections. I like having all the DVDs because it allows me to mix and match my workout depending on what I feel like doing and the amount of time I have. Like any DVD, it's the same every time. While you can master the routines, you definitely don't need to have them broken down so thoroughly every time. There is also a Volume 3 which is the Advance Aerobic Striptease, but since I bought them separately, it really looked like much of the same.
Overall I have to say that Fit to Strip is definitely my favourite. It gives me an overall body workout or allows me to target my problem areas. The other DVDs are great for mixing up my workout routine! Carmen is a great instructor as is Michael Carson!

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