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Sunday, August 2, 2020

I got a haircut yesterday for the first time since February. It's amazing how much I've missed this small act of self care during this time. My hair was also beginning to feel like Joseph's Technicolor Dreamcoat because it was red and orange and gold and brown and grey... It's also the longest my hair has been in five years since I got my pixie cut. I'm feeling more myself now with a fresh cut and colour, thanks to my longtime stylist Sophie at Le Bigoudi.

I feel so lucky that both Paul and I have been healthy through this time, that I've been able to continue working, and that even though life has been stressful, things are mostly okay. One thing I've missed has been self care. I've determined that maybe self care looks different during this time (more time at home, more naps, more walks with podcasts, more phone chats with friends) but I've missed lots of things that used to help me unwind and make me feel good. Things like haircuts, manicures, brunches, outings with friends, travelling, seeing theatre and probably many others that I can't count.

Getting a haircut felt really good. I feel more put together. It gives me some more options day to day. And seeing Sophie was a delight. Also, that feeling of someone else washing your hair with 10x more care than you ever would! I know that this small thing had a big impact on my mental health and for that I'm grateful. Toronto entered phase 3 on Friday, and while I'm remaining cautious and careful, I hope that being able to do some of these self care things a bit more regularly!  

Tell me about your self care during quarantine. How has it changed? How are you feeling?

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