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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We're three weeks into the new year, how's it going for you so far? I didn't write any epic posts about plans / goals / resolutions for 2014 as I ddin't feel the need to - instead I focused on getting shit done. 

You see, the end of 2013 was a bit of a weird time - I wasn't super happy with where I was at and on December 30 made the decision to change that. I left my full time job that had me commuting to Mississauga on a daily basis and decided to start fresh for the new year. Scary? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. 

The last three weeks have been stellar as I've opened The Wedding Singer (still 5 more shows and audiences have been having a blast!!), worked on getting everything ready for The Life is Sweet Project and Life is Sweet month on my blog, started a new part time job this week and began an energy exchange at one of my very favourite yoga studios. I've found a new voice teacher and am working on getting an agent. I've been spending time with some of my very favourite people and making delicious, healthy food.

gluten free dairy free dancing through life

I haven't made resolutions, but I'm really working on achieving a balance of things that I love in my life. Maybe it's the new year or maybe it's the fact that a certain birthday is around the corner, but whatever the reason, I'm feeling awesome about my choices and everything that is to come. When I was in St. Lucia 2 years ago, Meghan had us do an exercise to write down what our ideal day would look like, and for the very first time, I think I'm pretty close to achieving that. Better late than never, right? 

The Wedding Singer Ashley Gibson Toronto

What would your ideal day look like? How do you achieve balance in your life?

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Anonymous said...

So proud of you for taking such a big leap. Love ya! xo

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