A (Lovebot) Heart Full of Love

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

After my blog post went up about our Lovebot hunting adventure, I was contacted by some of the sweet folks at Lovebot HQ. Rodger, who has been working on the project for about a year, was lovely and thanked me for writing the post and for my enthusiasm about the project. He encouraged us to keep searching for Lovebots, but said he would love to make the hunt easier by inviting us to Lovebot HQ! The email totally made my day and I couldn't wait until we could go for a visit.

Lovebots Toronto
I finally got my chance a few weeks ago. Corbin and I trekked up to the magical home of the Lovebots, where we met Ryan, who has also been on the project for about a year. Ryan has been doing a lot of the pouring for the Lovebots and came into the project quite serendipitously. He was working as a contractor, when one day a guy showed up with a paper in his hand, asking about concrete. He began to tell Ryan his story and plans for the Lovebot project. Ryan was intrigued and inspired and asked if there was any way he could help, and the man with the paper (Lovebot creator, Matthew Del Degan) said "I thought you'd never ask". They've been working together ever since and it was wonderful to hear Ryan's perspective on the project and how the experience has enhanced his life.

Lovebots Toronto

Lovebot HQ was just wonderful. It was so neat to see so many little Lovebots and hear about how they're created.

Lovebots Toronto

We even got to see the very first Lovebot cast in concrete! #001 has certainly seen a lot of love.

Lovebots Toronto

Lovebots Toronto

We also got to spend some quality time with the 6 and a half foot Lovebot that the team has been taking to events. So tall!

Lovebots Toronto Ashley Gibson Corbin Smith

It sounds like there are some incredible things in store for the Lovebot Invasion and I'm stoked to see what happens next. I am so happy to have discovered this project and love that I've been able to share the love with my friends, blog readers and followers.

Before we left, I asked Corbin to take a photo of me with all the Lovebots. He arranged me, and I chose the fuchsia heart to hold in the photo. After the photos were taken, Ryan asked if that was my favourite heart, to which I enthusiastically responded "yes". He then asked me if I wanted to keep it and I just about died.

Lovebots Toronto Corbin Smith

I've fallen in love with this project and it has brought me so much happiness; To be the owner of a Lovebot heart is just so special and I felt so honored. I hugged my heart the whole ride home and couldn't stop smiling. I also received some Lovebot stickers, which I've been giving out to friends and fun people. I've since been in touch with Matt as well and am looking forward to connecting with him in person very soon. Until then, I'll continue to enjoy my Lovebot heart and the thrill I have each time I see a new Lovebot in the city.


Anonymous said...

You are the absolute cutest1

Linz said...


So glad you got a lovebot heart -- you deserve it!

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