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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Robots need love too, they want to be loved by you......

Dan Mangan has solidified my adoration for robots + love, so it was pretty certain that I was destined to fall in love with the idea of the Lovebots.. I sent my boyfriend an article about them with a note that said "I WANT TO GO FIND THEM" and it was decided that a Lovebot hunting date was in our future. Cute, right?

Lovebot Invasion, Toronto, love

Created by Matthew Del Degan, Lovebots are popping up all over Toronto as a symbol of love, kindness and positivity. Corbin and I definitely did a lot of smiling and laughing as we hunted down 10 of the 2 feet tall little guys, located everywhere from the Junction to the Danforth and many places in between. 

Lovebots Toronto

Each Lovebot is created by hand and numbered. Most follow the standard grey with red heart model, but there are a handful of rainbow-hued Lovebots and some with special coloured hearts. (I just found out that the one at Nadege has a pink heart!)
Lovebots Toronto

Each Lovebot is being given a special home somewhere across the city. Torontonians can also submit their own Lovebot Invasion story of kindness, love and compassion to inspire potential locations for the Lovebots. It's really neat to see where they're popping up and following the #lovebotinvasion on Twitter and Instagram

Lovebot Invasion

Since we were out a few weeks ago, more and more Lovebots and stickers have been popping up all over the city, as well as more media coverage and awareness of the project. 

Lovebot Invasion Toronto

I've clearly been hit with Lovebot fever, having made some sartorial choices based on my grey and red friends. Lovebot tights? Oh yes.

Having seen only about a dozen in person, I'm certainly planning to do some more Lovebot hunting over the next few months as all 100 invade the city. Their presence has definitely made me smile and I hope they're doing the same for people across Toronto!

Have you spotted any Lovebots?

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