Check In #2–How Scary Was It?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hello 52 days-til-summer-ers (so catchy, right?) how’s it going?

How scary was it?

Everything “scary” that I did this week was related to activity:

Sunday: run outside on the boardwalk in the Beach with my dear friend Justin
Monday & Wednesday: work out with new trainer
Saturday: get butt kicked by old trainer w/

On the running front – I’ve never claimed to be a runner. In fact, when I was in junior high, the last memory I have of running was crossing the finish line after doing the 12 minute run (or 1600m or something equally horrific), FALLING and skidding across the pavement, imbedding my knees with gravel and crying a lot.

True story.

So any run is a feat for me. Justin called me on Sunday and asked if I wanted to go for a run and I fear aside, I just went for it. While I’ve done my share of running a la treadmill, it’s rare that I run outside, but was up for the challenge! It was tough and a bit scary, but all kinds of awesome.

My workouts with my trainers this week were pretty awesome, but I definitely pushed myself which can be totally scary. My new trainer says I don’t say enough/make enough noise when I work out (I think it scares him a little…) but it was definitely tough and I was DEFINITELY sore more of the week. This afternoon I did a bunch of TRX stuff and my bum is already killing me. Never a good sign for tomorrow.

I’ve seen some cool stuff happening with my #52dts peeps happening across Twitter and the blogsphere:

  • @GregMaddeaux was out running and is working on his cardio
  • Leah has been sharing food journals and rocking the Power Foods
  • Megs is getting her butt into gear and working on her fear of success
  • Laura tackled level 3 of the 30 Day Shred
  • Danielle signed up for a new gym and is working out like a superstar

Check out these peeps for some inspiration or check out the #52dts hashtag on Twitter to check in!

Have you been reading your list of reasons this week? How’s your workout calendar looking?

Check back on Monday for some yummy food pics from this week, next week’s challenge and an awesome giveaway!


LauraA said...

Good job on the scary stuff that you did! I have to say TRX certainly looks scary, I don't know much about it and that picture looks like some sort of torture device!
As you know my scary thing was Level 3 of 30 Day Shred. I survived it and went 1 step further by doing some of the advanced moves when I did the workout yesterday - definitely made a difference, my abs are complaining today!

Leah: Not Otherwise Specified said...

Thanks for the shout-out! :-)

I didn't actually do the challenge last week! I don't think that I stepped out of my comfort zone AT ALL.

I'll have to try that again this week, plus whatever the new challenge is.

Brave Heart Sportswear said...

We all have to do the scary stuff to get to the good stuff.

Just remember that its takes nutrition + exercise + consistency to achieve your goals and obtain the FREEDOM to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

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