Tortilla and Muffin Goodness

Monday, February 23, 2009

This weekend was incredibly busy. Not only did I do shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I led three meetings on Saturday morning, took at WW conference call, did my meal planning and grocery shopping but also managed to make homemade tortillas and muffins. Even I'm amazed!

First let's talk about the highlight: homemade tortillas

In my opinion, making the tortillas was very easy, but when I tried to explain the process to my coworkers at lunch they gave up after step one - make the dough, cover and let sit for 20 minutes. Everyone is different I guess.

Here are my little spelt-y dough balls:
Sadly I didn't get a picture of me rolling them out. My countertop is a similar colour to the dough so I couldn't get it to work between rolling out each ball, placing it in the skillet and flipping. Here's one in my pan:
They were DELICIOUS! I tried to make the black bean burrito filling from Refresh, but sadly didn't have enough cooking time for the beans. My friend Lori said she enjoyed the crunchy texture but I didn't love it (neither did Joey) It had good flavor, but I'll have to try again with more bean cooking time. Luckily I had a variety of other toppings ready for our burritos including baby spinach, extra lean ground beef, red peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, salsa, low fat yogurt and shredded cheese.
I served our non-black bean burritos with steamed broccoli. Everyone really enjoyed the meal and we all went back for seconds.

Today I started off my day with one of the muffins I made following our burrito supper last night. I used a recipe from Refresh for banana muffins. I made a few substitutions (used spelt instead of durum flour, adding a bit more water and blueberries and made 36 instead of 24 to give them a lower Points value) There is no added sugar in the muffins - they get their sweetness from a date puree and the bananas. I enjoyed one of the muffins with a glass of orange juice and it kept me nice and full until lunch!
For lunch I filled one of my homemade tortillas with all the leftover veggies and some blue cheese dressing with corn and edamame on the side. I finished the meal with some spelt shasha ginger snaps.
It was a great Sunday of cooking and I will definitely be making the tortillas again. At only 110 calories and only two Points they are a great bang for your Points buck. They're very inexpensive to make and taste amazing (probably because they only have 5 ingredients vs. the many, many ingredients that can be found in commercially produced tortillas) And I'll be enjoying the muffins over the next few weeks! I packed most of them away in my freezer and will pull them out when needed.


Linz said...

Ok, I officially declare this the year of the flatbread.

I am so in love with your tortillas - can't wait to try them!!! And I'm going to be whipping up Indian breads galore - can't wait!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

awesome- i want to try!

Kelly Turner

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Spelt is awesome! All hail spelt ;o)

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